26 weeks.

to make up for my lack of content in this week’s gallstone gourmet, here is a picture of our delicious dinner!

roasted vegetables with herbed ricotta. yum!

after dinner we took our first baby for a walk around the neighborhood.

here is a quick bump picture. please excuse the less than pleasant face. travis caught me a bit off guard with this picture!

i can’t believe there’s only one week left in my second trimester! where has the time gone? speaking of time, mine could be put to better use right now. i still have a couple more things to cross off my to-do list before we call it a night. i had better hop to it!

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6 responses to “26 weeks.

  1. I love that shirt!!

  2. I love seeing pictures of you guys!

    • We’re putting the bookshelves together tonight! I’ll post pictures here as the nursery comes together!

  3. my baby bird is due august 20th. we’re pretty much having our babies back to back! congrats mama. XO!

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