due date.

my official due date is august 31st. travis and i have had fun guessing when little s will make her big debut. for no reason in particular the dates august 24th and september 4th have been stuck in my head. call it intuition if you like. it’s the same feeling i got, early on, when i just knew we were going to have a girl. if i had to guess, i would put my money on one of the those two days. what’s your best guess?

we also spend a lot of time talking about what she’ll look like. we did a rough punnett square to determine her eye color and got a 50/50 chance of her having either blue or brown eyes. i have a feeling, perhaps more intuition, that she will have her dad’s dark hair and eyes and my pale skin. what do you think her hair and eye colors will be?

travis and i have a rare evening off together tonight. we’re going to spend it eating popcorn and watching lost. i hope everyone has a very happy saturday night!

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