seriously exhausted.

tomorrow marks 27 weeks and the start of my third trimester (some sources say it starts at week 28, though).  we’re in the home stretch now!  it’s getting difficult to be on my feet all day at work now.  i’m always sore and extra tired by the time my shifts end, and tonight is no exception.

this may be my shortest post ever.  honestly, i’m so tired that i can barely keep my eyes open, let alone think of anything witty or profound to write about.  i’m going to finish up my (almost) midnight snack (pickles), take a warm bath, and get in bed.  goodnight and happy memorial day!


2 responses to “seriously exhausted.

  1. so cool – we are about a week apart with our pregnancies… I’m due august 23rd, and I’m having a little girl too! good to know of another mother-to-be (bonus points for being a first time mom) who’s going to tough it out in the hot, hot summer. i’m in texas, and it’s already hitting HARD. wishing you the best with your little Sylvie, I’ve been enjoying your blog!
    p.s. if you haven’t already you should check out – she’s having a girl and is due when we are too!

    • Texas summers are no fun. My husband and I have a lot of family down in Houston, Dallas and Austin. Where in Texas are you? My husband was a September baby and my mother-in-law went through a Texas summer while pregnant with him! If you can do it, I know I can! Good luck and thanks for stopping by!

      P.S. I visit bleubird almost daily. It’s a great blog!

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