baby shower.

i’m back in indiana with travis and auggie. i miss all the excitement of spending time with family and friends, but i am happy to get back to my routine.

our baby shower was a great time! many props to my sister-in-law melissa for organizing it, my sister rachel for making all of the delicious food, and my parents for turning their house inside out for the day.

it’s a little tricky to see, but the banner says “sweet sylvie!”

our cake and cupcakes came from the slightly unfortunately named the master baker in west chester, pa.

this is but a small snapshot of the BOUNTY of healthy food my sister made for us.

we had a bunch of kids in attendance including all four of my nieces and nephews! melissa had the brilliant idea of renting a MOONBOUNCE! they had a great time.

my husband took this next picture. he loves wine (as much as i love beer) and he had a blast picking out the grapey libations for the party.

not pictured are the 3 cases of beer we had in coolers in the backyard. a MOONBOUNCE and delicious BEER? i was one jealous pregnant lady!

and now for some of the gifts!

a handmade knitted bunny from my BFF cara.

a sweet musical giraffe.

and a dr. seuss baby counting book!

unfortunately we didn’t get too many pictures of the gifts, but little sylvie got a lot of beautiful and awesome things!

some quality BFF time before the guests arrived.

cara took this at the “after party” when only a few people were still hanging out. notice i’m nice and cozy in my pajamas. i was a LONG, FUN day!

now that i’m home again, it’s back to taking care of business. tomorrow morning i have my next midwife appointment and my blood glucose tolerance test. i’m sure i’ll write a post all about the syrupy wonder that is glucola tomorrow. wish me luck!!

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