summer reading.

first of all i would like to wish my parents a very big HAPPY 40th ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!

now onto the post! tomorrow travis and i are planning a small shopping spree to buy some books for sylvie! if you’ve been reading us for a while, you probably remember that i work in a bookstore. if you’re stopping by for the first time, then HELLO! my name is sara, and i work in a bookstore. it’s nice to meet you.

anyway, the one of the upsides of my job is spending my shifts looking at books. today i worked in the children’s department all day, and i set some books aside for our girl. i thought i would share today’s picks with you!

first up is i’m the biggest thing in the ocean by kevin sherry.

this book made me laugh out loud the first time i read it. it’s about a giant squid who spends the bulk of the story comparing his size to other marine life. “i’m bigger than these turtles!” and so on. this goes on until a blue whale sneaks up and eats him whole. he looks around at all of the other creatures in the whale’s gullet and proudly exclaims, “I’M THE BIGGEST THING IN THIS WHALE!” the end. hilarious.

the second book is star wars spaceships.

this book is amazing! it is a baby board book about all of the spaceships featured in the original star wars trilogy. enough said. there is also a star wars heroes book at our store, but i refuse to buy it for two reasons. 1. it features anakin and qui gon jinn from the crappy prequels. 2. the yoda featured in the book is, in fact, the cgi yoda from the prequels and not the original puppet yoda. call me a nerd, but these things matter!

the third and fourth books are charley harper’s ABCs and 123s.

charley harper is one of my all-time favorite illustrators. these books are beautiful and educational classics. they should be a part of every young child’s library as far as i’m concerned. if you have a young child or are expecting, i highly recommend seeking these out!

the fifth and final book i put on hold is touch the art: make van gogh’s bed by julie appel and amy guglielmo.

this book is a no-brainer for us given our backgrounds as fine artists. it exposes children to classic works of art and encourages them to explore the works through different touch and feel textures. there are a few other books in this series including catch picasso’s rooster and feed matisse’s fish, but make van gogh’s bed is by far my favorite. the textures are the most interesting as are the art works featured. this book is also a larger format board book so it’s fantastic for little hands.

i’m sure travis and i will find many more titles of interest tomorrow. if you couldn’t tell, cultivating a love of the written word is one of our top priorities as parents. we both feel it is so important for so many reasons. travis started reading to sylvie in utero as soon as her ears began developing. we plan to read to her every night before bed and throughout every day. no excuses. no exceptions.

if you were wondering, these are the books i’m reading at the moment:


travis is currently reading this book, which i bought him for father’s day:

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6 responses to “summer reading.

  1. I got my daughter some of the Touch the Art series books for her first birthday and she LOVES them. Make Van Gogh’s Bed is my favorite. 🙂

  2. I hope everyone our age makes sure to teach our kids the importance of reading and the written word. It is soo important. I’ve been thinking a lot about books for baby too and I am totally using some of your recommendations. Some top books I plan on getting baby is any by Eric Carle. Do you remember him?? He was a staple in my childhood. Also I can’t say no to the classics like Corduroy, the Bear and Curious George.

    • I LOVE Eric Carle! We bought Brown Bear, Brown Bear on our little shopping spree today. I can’t wait to read it to her.

      I still have my old copy of Corduroy from when I was little. It was the first book Travis read to my stomach.

  3. you will probably be happy to know that anthony bourdain was on yo gabba gabba as “tony the doctor”. it was humorous.

    • THAT IS AMAZING! i must find a clip! my husband is dead set against letting our kid watch yo gabba gabba. having watched it many times with my niece, i completely disagree. i LOVE that show.

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