we’re finished!

after a smooth start and a rough middle, the crib is finished!

and the proud papa, who only teared up a little, standing by his handiwork:

things are really coming together. it’s a amazing how a simple thing can make me feel so much more prepared to welcome this new life.

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p.s. aren’t all of her little animal friends adorable? obviously, they are in the crib only for picture purposes. we will move them to a safer place once she arrives!

7 responses to “we’re finished!

  1. LOVE the crib! and LOVE getting to “watch” Daddy put it together. See you both soon. Love, Mom

  2. Great job Travis! Must be a wonderful feeling.
    I hope you will post pics of her in it when she arrives!
    I love all the toys! Was that Fantastic Mr. Fox I saw? Also I think I had the same teddybear thing with the hard plastic face- does it suck it’s thumb?

    • He does look like Fantastic Mr. Fox! I think it’s just a fox, though. Trav’s Aunt got it for us from blablakids.com along with the little guy in the hat and tie.

      Yep, the beat does suck its thumb! It belonged to one of my siblings first and was passed down to me!

    • BTW, of course there will be pictures of her cute squishy face when she arrives!

  3. great crib! what is the model/brand? we are expecting in december and though i love a jenny lind style i think its a little girly and that i should get one a little more unisex, like yours. thanks!

    • Thanks. I’m in love with this crib. It’s the Lollipop crib by AP Industries. It’s simple, but sturdy.
      Congrats on your pregnancy!

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