what we’re up to tonight.

this is what travis is working on:

that’s right! he is putting sylvie’s beautiful crib together as i type this. i can’t wait to see it when he finishes!

this is what i am working on:

since i am now too cumbersome to help with the construction of her crib, i’ve decided to work on a drawing for her.

i really can’t imagine a better saturday night!

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8 responses to “what we’re up to tonight.

  1. Amazing drawing! Sylvie is blessed to have such an artistic mama 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, you are so talented! (travis too, expert crib builder 😉 you guys rule!

  3. Poppy and Grammy

    Congratulations! The crib looks great. We need to pull Travis’ crib out of the basement and get it set up in your room here.

    Sara, we love your drawing. Very nice!

  4. I love the drawing!!!

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