hypnobabies: first impression.

on monday we received our hypnobabies home study course in the mail. we spent a good chunk of last night reading class #1 out loud to each other and listening to the first track, “special place”. this track will be alternated with the second track, “easy, comfortable childbirth” for the remainder of this first week. everyday for the entirety of the course we are also supposed to listen to the “joyful pregnancy affirmations” track. this track contains 150 one sentence positive affirmations for childbirth. these include sentiments such as i am confident about my pregnancy and my baby’s birth and i trust in my ability to birth my baby.

my first impression of the course is that it seems very comprehensive. class #1 took us about an hour to read through and each complimentary CD track is approximately 35 minutes long. after listening to the first track last night, i am very excited to try out the second track before bed tonight! i found the woman’s voice to be quite soothing and the overall experience to be extremely calming. i can honestly say that those 35 minutes were the most relaxed i have been this entire pregnancy. “special place” has you first concentrate on your breathing and relax every part of your body from head to toe. you then create a special place for yourself in your mind. the first place i thought of surprised me, but once i chose, i knew it was the perfect place for me to retreat. i immediately thought of the small cluster of trees in the front yard of my parents’ old house. i was there with my childhood dog, max. this is a place i haven’t been in 13 years, but it worked.

honesty time. i was skeptical of the hypnobabies program before trying it. it seemed a little bit hokey to me, but i saw (thanks, youtube!) and read so many positive first-hand accounts. our midwife also highly recommended it. she said some of her patients had used it to fantastic results. i really trust our midwife, as she is not overly “crunchy” or militant in any way. any decent, multi-week childbirth course in our area would have cost as much (about $150), so we took the plunge. my first experience last night has left me confident that our money will not be wasted. i look forward to the next 5 weeks of the course! i also love that it comes with a separate maintenance course to keep you learning and practicing the techniques until the baby arrives. i’m not yet sure if i’ll use the CD meant for the actual event, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

i fully believe that attitude makes all the difference in almost any situation. this course helps to create and maintain a positive, confident attitude about birthing. it evens goes so far as to give you alternate words for commonly used terms. contractions become pressure waves. labor becomes birthing day and so on. it also gives the mother-to-be tips for avoiding negativity from family, friends, and strangers while pregnant.

to summarize, i think this course will be useful and i’m glad we chose to study from the comfort of our apartment instead of having to schlep to a weekly course. we are, however, supplementing with a one-day condensed course at our hospital on july 17th.

i hope any mamas-to-be considering hypnobabies find this post helpful!

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6 responses to “hypnobabies: first impression.

  1. My first child was an unecessary C-section after 19 hours of labor.

    When I was pregnant with my second child, I moved five hours away two weeks before my due date to a city that allowed VBACS (my small home-town hospital will not allow them). My second child was induced at 42 weeks and born unmedicated after almost 40 hours of labor. It was the hardest and most wonderful thing I have ever done.

    When I was pregnant recently (five months ago) with my third child, we were prepared to pack up and move again to the big city in anticipation of this little one’s arrival. I chose home study HypnoBabies for this birth after taking a HypnoBirthing class, thinking I would go the HypnoBirthing route. I do like the HypnoBirthing tracks, but HypnoBabies’ techniques were what sold me on the program.

    I LOVE HYPNOBABIES! I was so thrilled with my experience of learning the techniques — I’m excited to see what it brings for you! I listened to the tracks every night and once I finished the weekly courses, I chose my favorite tracks and used them in rotation every night until I went into labor. There were a few that I never listened to again after the course was done. You will definately find certain tracks speak to you more — use the ones that work the best for you!

    My husband and I never worked on the techniques together, but he read the study guide and I gave him some run downs of what I needed from him and what to expect from me (once I finished the course and was more confident in the techniques). He was so supportive and I think was suprised at what a wonderful course it was and how pleased I was with it all.

    This labor began naturally at 42 weeks and was a total of 7 hours from the very start to finish. Once I made it to the hospital, my midwife caught my baby girl as I was standing next to the bed FOUR minutes after I arrived! I listened to the Birth Your Baby CD over and over while I labored and while we drove to the hospital. There was no time to listen to anything once we got to the hospital, and I never changed tracks like I thought I would because I was so focused. After awhile during labor, I wasn’t listening to the words as much as HEARING her voice… I don’t think it mattered what the CD was saying at the time because I was so far in hypnosis. I credit the entire course to how relaxing my labor was. Up until my water broke, it was a very calm labor. Once my water broke, the hypnosis helped me SO much in focusing, RELAXING (the key) and staying calm so we could get to the hospital. Once we got to the hospital, hynosis saved me from attacking the front desk clerk that told me I had three papers to sign before I could get to my room. 🙂

    Wow… long, wordy comment… anyway, I love this course so much that I’m planning on applying to become a HypnoBabies instructor once they start their trainings up again! It allowed me to have a wonderfully quick and comfortable birth — so incredibly different than my first or second baby. Kudos to you for seeking this out for your first. It is going to make your experience WONDERFUL! 🙂

    I can’t wait to hear your story.


    • Kelly,
      I so appreciate the long, detailed comment! It is wonderful to hear about your positive experience with the Hypnobabies program. I can only hope my experience will be similar. 🙂
      Like I said, so far I have only listened to one track, but I found that it “spoke to me” as you put it. I felt so concentrated and in touch with my body while listening to it. Sylvie was moving around like crazy (she always does when I lay down for the night) and i felt very connected with her every time I she shifted or stirred. I hope the Hypnobabies will facilitate this type of mama baby connection during the birth, too.
      Once again, thank you for this comment. It’s made me feel even more confident in choosing Hypnobabies. It is really comforting to hear a positive birth story. I’ve only had one stranger tell me a positive birth story. Everyone else who approached me (all unsolicited, mind you) made birthing sound terrible. I don’t understand why people feel the need to freak out pregnant women! YEESH.
      Good luck with you Hypnobabies certification! I think that’s awesome. After going through this amazing time, I’ve actually considered training to become a doula. We’ll see…

  2. My youtube video might have been one you watched. “Willem Audie’s Hypnobabies Homebirth”

    I have so enjoyed my THREE Hypnobabies births. Don’t forget to join the Hypnobabies yahoo group!!

  3. Yay! Thanks for sharing your impressions so other moms can here. You will continue to love it. 🙂

  4. I loved hypnobabies, though I had a very fast, intense labor (2 hours from first contraction to birth and he was posterior & stuck at almost-out for 45 of those minutes!) so I turned out to be a crazy screaming birther after all. Though, in between contractions I definitely pulled from my hypnobabies practicing to come back to center and get some good breaths in before the next wave hit. I plan on using it again with my next birth, and I’m hoping baby isn’t posterior and maybe it would go a little smoother!

    So, even if your birth doesn’t go *exactly* to plan, the pain management (and general centering) techniques can still be used before (it was the only way I slept in the painful last month) during and after the birth!

    Good luck though, I hope your birth is amazing!

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