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blast off?

i just got home from my 35 week midwife appointment, where i had my first internal exam. it turns out that i am 1 centimeter dilated, 80% effaced, and sylvie’s head is engaged at zero station.

yeah. i was a little surprised. in light of this news, my sister-in-law is flying up from texas to be with me in travis’ absence. the midwife was unconcerned about my progress, but still very adamant that someone be with me just in case. the way i figure it is, nothing will happen if i have a good plan B in place. if i don’t arrange for other plans, sylvie will probably waltz on out. if the forecast predicts rain and i carry an umbrella, nothing ever happens. in either case i’ll stay dry.


my dear, sweet husband’s grandmother passed away today. words cannot properly express how deeply this loss is felt in our home. she was a wonderfully kind and generous woman who was beloved and respected by her husband of 60 years, 5 children and their spouses, 17 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. i have never seen a person so revered by those who were blessed enough to know her. she will be greatly missed.

the funeral will be sometime this weekend in texas. we’re buying travis a ticket as soon as we know the details of the arrangements. i wish so badly that i could travel with him. it kills me that i can’t be there for him during this very difficult time. luckily, he is much braver than i and i know he will be okay. if our positions were switched i don’t know what i would do without him next to me. i’m terrified for him to even leave me now, still 5 weeks from my due date. please stay in there, sylvie. i don’t know if i can do it alone, without your daddy.

if you are so inclined, please send your thoughts and prayers out to travis and his family. losing a family matriarch is an extremely difficult thing. i’ve witnessed it twice in my own family when my great great aunt verna died and shortly thereafter when my nana (sylvie’s namesake) passed. a family is never quite the same afterwards, but travis’ family (immediate and extended) are some of the strongest, most loving people i’ve ever had the privilege to know. they will get through this, and i’m so glad he can be there with them this weekend. i love my husband and seeing him in this kind of pain is difficult, to say the least. i take great comfort in the fact that he will soon be surrounded by a close group of people who feel exactly as he does. i know they will take exceptional care of him in my absence.

to the douthit clan, please know that i am thinking about each and every one of you during this trying time.

blog love.

what do you do while your baby naps? if i’m just being honest, when that day comes i will probably nap with her. adele of mila’s daydreams takes that time to imagine what her slumbering daughter is dreaming, create the dream scene from household items, and photograph it. the results are both whimsical and beautifully serene.


do yourself a favor and pay a visit to mila’s daydreams. you’ll be glad you did.


with all of my illustration commissions complete, i spent my evening working on some of the decorative aspects of sylvie’s nursery. i made some substantial progress on her crocheted blanket and finished painting a world map for the wall above her crib. stay tuned for pictures of both tomorrow.

speaking of tomorrow, travis and i are taking the day to have our last out-of-town date before sylvie’s arrival. our plan is to drive the hour to indianapolis, eat lunch at a small french restaurant, and spend the afternoon walking along the canal. i am 35 weeks today and don’t plan on venturing too far from home after this week. travis and i are so excited to welcome our daughter into the world, but we’re happily enjoying our last few weeks as a couple.

this coming fall promises to be a busy one, with little time left over for leisurely strolls around our for-the-moment hometown. sylvie will be a well-seasoned traveler by the time january rolls around. we are planning her first airplane ride for sometime around 6-8 weeks. our plan is to fly to pennsylvania so she can meet her aunt rachel (my big sista), uncle rich, and her cousins, sophie and zack. she will also meet my best friend, her aunt cara, on this trip. next in line is the four hour drive to columbus ohio to visit grammy and poppy for thanksgiving. after that we’re going to bundle her up for a december trip to chicago for my cousin’s wedding. last, but certainly not least, is a trip down to texas for the holidays. on this trip she will meet her daddy’s family including his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. she will also meet her uncle mike (my big brother), aunt melissa and cousins tessa and sam.

i firmly believe in bundling her up and taking her along for the ride. i’m sure that traveling with an infant will be challenging, but these experiences as a family are too precious to miss out on. as a kid, i was always taken along wherever my parents went. i quickly got used to being the youngest person in any given room. as a result i learned early on how to mind my manners, relate to adults, and adapt to many situations. these are all skills which have served me well in life. we don’t want to leave our daughter out of so-called “adult” activities. we want to share everything we can with her, as a family. i just can’t wait for her to get here. my arms are aching to hold her and rock her softly. i cannot believe how much and how unconditionally i love her already.

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baby gear.

here is a list of the gear we’ve gotten for sylvie and why we chose it.


AP industries lollipop crib in white

why? we loved the clean, classic lines of this crib. it is also extremely sturdy and simple, exactly our style.

changing table:
south shore changing table in pure white

why? this piece is equal parts changing table and dresser, making it very practical for our small space. the available wall for this piece is only 41 inches wide, and this table fits perfectly. we got it in white to match the crib.

ikea expedit series 8 cubby and 4 cubby in white

why? they hold a lot for their size, are affordably priced, and we just really loved the way they look.


travel system:
safety first aerolite fx in “pegasus”

why? we knew we wanted a travel system to keep things as compact and uncomplicated as possible. this one is well reviewed, reasonably priced (compared to brands like chicco), folds down to a small size with one hand, and is gender neutral in color scheme. it is also much more padded than any of the other systems in the same price range. the stroller goes up to 50 pounds and the car seat to 22.

secondary car seat:
britax marathon

why? this seat came VERY highly recommended from a few different people. it has a weight range of 4-65 pounds and can face both rear and front. she will be able to use this seat after she out grows the travel system and up until it’s time to put her in a booster. it is very highly rated in safety and well reviewed.

baby carriers:
moby wrap and baby bjorn

why? my husband and i are really into the idea of baby wearing, but we both wanted different things out of a carrier. i chose the moby wrap for me because of its versatility and the fact that i could use it from birth. it came very highly recommended to me from various sources. i have also been told that it puts little strain on the back and shoulders. he chose the baby bjorn for its ease of use and more masculine appearance. he also liked that you can wear it in the front or backpack style.

pack ‘n play:
graco pack ‘n play in townsend

why? we are planning to use the pack ‘n play both for travel and as a bedside bassinet for a couple of months after her birth. i love that it has a built-in changer, wipe dispenser and plenty of storage for extra diapers. it also has a canopy, which makes napping easier in almost any location. we also like the gender neutral color scheme, as we will use it with future children.

infant seat/bouncer:
first years kickin’ coaster

why? it is both a stationary vibrating infant seat and a baby exerciser. i liked that she would have something to do and get some exercise as opposed to just sitting there in a regular seat or swing. it helps promote coordination and leg strength and teach cause and effect.

blue bumbo with play tray

why? we don’t have the room in this apartment for a full size highchair. in addition, we will be moving when she is around 10 months old, only 4 months into purees. she will be able to use this for various activities outside of feeding time. plus, how cute do chubby baby thighs look sticking out of one of these?!


breast pump:
medela pump in style

why? i knew i wanted a pump that will do both sides at once. unfortunately, i will probably have to introduce bottle feeding at a young age. i have to get my gallbladder out soon after sylvie’s birth, which will require an overnight stay in the hospital and a couple of days of painkillers. i want to have a store of pumped milk handy before this happens. beyond just that, travis really wants to help with the feedings. i plan to feed her directly as much as i can, but life doesn’t always respect your plans. i wanted a good, fast pump so that i can be prepared for those times when breast feeding will not be possible. i have also been told that this pump will last through multiple children.

nursing support pillow:

why? this pillow can be used so many different ways. sylvie can use it while nursing, for tummy time, and (eventually) as a little seat. it seems to be a purchase that will really grow with her.

tommee tippee

why? these bottles are BPA free and are specially designed to lessen nipple confusion and make the transition between breast and bottle (and back) easier. the nipple is wider and more rounded so babies can latch onto these much like they would onto a breast.

i think that about covers the basic stuff we have for sylvie! i didn’t include her cloth diapering supplies in this list. we have bought a few different brands and i would like to make an expanded post on that after her birth. i want to figure out which brands/kinds work for her and us before i post on it! i just wanted to put in my two cents on all the other stuff. what gear do you swear by?

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please tell me i’m not the only one who sees a resemblance here.

hey sylvie sylvie, can’t you see? sometimes your words just hypnotize me…

throw your hands in the air if yous a true baby.

34 weeks and 4 days.

we are about to leave to have dinner with my parents. travis snapped a few quick pictures of me because he thought i looked cute.

and one more of the little girl:

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4D ultrasound.

we had our 4D ultrasound this morning.  sylvie did NOT want to cooperate.  she had half of her face snuggled into the placenta the whole time.  we never did get a shot of her entire face, but we got enough partial face pictures to piece it all together.  we saw enough to know that she has super chubby cheeks, really long fingers, and a full head of hair!  i suspected our girl would have some hair.  travis was born with a full head of thick, black hair.  i am also happy to report that she has my lips, travis’ nose, and an adorable little chin.

in this first picture you can see the bottom of her face and both of her hands. when this was taken she was playing with the umbilical cord and waving it around!

here is a decent shot of her face. just look at those full, little lips!

we also verified that she is DEFINITELY a girl. phew! all-in-all, even though she was uncooperative, i’m still extremely glad that we did it. it was amazing to see her moving around in there, playing, and stretching. we got to see some of her personality for the first time, which was incredible. i would highly recommend doing an elective 4D scan if your health care providers don’t have the option. i’m also glad we waited until 34 weeks to do it. she had an adorable amount of baby fat to look at!

we’re about to head out to dinner with my parents. i hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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