“you know, that’s nice.”

how great is this old (circa 1977) sesame street clip?!

it’s pretty sweet and a little bit creepy.

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10 responses to ““you know, that’s nice.”

  1. Creepy??? Hardly!! Seems pretty normal if anything.

  2. Although I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea/concept here, it is definitely a little creepy. But what a great way to expose breast feeding to young children (particularly those whose parents would rather shield them from it)

    • I agree. I just know that if I caught a giant yellow bird (or anyone for that matter) looking over my shoulder and staring at me as I nursed Sylvie, I would find it a little creepy.

  3. I agree…creepy! I think Evangeline might cry if she was nursing and Big Bird was behind us! 🙂

  4. that is really great – I wonder if they would even consider putting something like that on TV now…

    I think the only thing creepy about it is that fact that mom is sitting beside a 10 foot yellow bird and his nest! Oh yeah… and the bird is talking…

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