today i received my very first blog award.

thanks, GRETCHEN! as the recipient of the blog with substance award, i am supposed to share 5 words that sum up my blog philosophy/motivation.

-SYLVIA (she is the reason i began writing this, after all.)

i am also supposed to pass this award onto 10 other bloggers with substance. like gretchen, i am going to cheat a little and pass this award onto 3 exceptionally substantial bloggers.
-jess at hello sunshine
-kim at crossy
-allie at it’s a wonderful life

i’m going to take it easy for the rest of the evening. today we sorted laundry, ran a bunch of errands, and hung sylvie’s mobile (pictures coming soon)! i’m about spent. i hope everyone has a fantastic evening. happy wednesday!


4 responses to “award.

  1. just found your blog and i’m already hooked! adding you to my reader.

    – e

  2. why, thank you!

    btw, love the illustrations…very inspiring. when my friend’s baby is born, I will be plcing an order.

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