travis and i are trying to do as many spontaneous activities as we can before sylvie’s arrival. yesterday we had planned to take a field trip to the indy zoo. mother nature, however, had other plans. we woke up to a cloudy, gray day, with a large cell of thunderstorms coming our way. instead of traipsing around the zoo in the pouring rain (and boy girl, did it pour!), we instead opted to check out a large outlet mall about an hour west of us. we looked online and saw that these outlets had numerous baby stores and a maternity store. rock.

the maternity outlet had some nice things at even better prices, but i find it hard to justify spending more money on preggo clothes with only 7 weeks to go. if i buy something for myself, i make sure it works for post-pregnancy, too. oh, and costing less than $10 is always a plus. i could insert a rather lengthy love letter to target here, but that’s for another post.

we browsed through all the usual baby store culprits (children’s place, hartstrings, carters, etc), but found the BEST DEALS at oshkosh (ohmygosh) b’gosh. and, yes, i did have to get up and look at a tag for the spelling. we only bought one thing, as travis and i both have an anti-spending-money complex these days. we just couldn’t pass up this adorable little pair of jeans:

flowers, ruffles, and girly without being fussy? PERFECT. plus, they were on BIG discount. how BIG was it, you say? check out that tag:


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6 responses to “score!

  1. Cute!! I still love Oshkosh- my mom saved so much of my own baby clothes and Oshkosh is by far the cutest.

  2. Earlier this summer my mom and I went to the outlet malls south of Columbus. Since our girls will be Fall/Winter babies it was perfect because all that clothes was super on sale. I got 10 outfits for $23!! I have also been finding a lot of stuff at yard sales and thrift stores. It is so easy to find outfits that have never been worn.

    P.S. How much fun is it to shop for a little girl??

    • It is so fun shopping for a little girl! I’ve had some trouble because she is due right at the end of August. It could still be really hot out, but it won’t be long before fall rolls in. I don’t know whether to get short or long sleeves!
      I’ve looked over most of the thrift stores around here and haven’t had any luck. We do have a pretty good Once Upon a Child, though. I need to make it back there. I haven’t been since before I knew she was a girl. I’ll check out the thrift stores in Columbus next time we’re out there!

  3. omg! i scored the exact same pants for the exact same price-they are adorable! we get compliments every time my baby girl wears them!

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