my last day.

i walked in to the store for my last day of work and was greeted with a surprise baby shower in the break room. i told you the people i worked with are great! i didn’t have my camera on me so these pictures are courtesy of my iphone and my favorite photo app, hipstamatic.

the cake was absolutely delicious and we received some beautiful gifts. i feel truly honored to have worked with all of these people. i got so many hugs, tummy pats, and well wishes tonight. my hormones got the best of me, and i ended up getting teary once or twice. i will really miss seeing these people everyday, but i am unbelievably excited to have this time to prepare for sylvie’s arrival.

travis and i are going to call it an early night. we have our one-day hospital childbirth class tomorrow from 9AM-6PM. yikes! i’m exhausted just thinking about it. goodnight and happy friday!

10 responses to “my last day.

  1. What a wonderful surprise!
    I hope the class goes well tomorrow.

    I really like those photos, would you recommend the app? A friend of mine uses shakeit and they come out looking like polaroids. I was thinking of downloading it but might try the one you use instead….

    • i really like this app. i have it on the higher quality setting so the photos take a minute to “develop”, but it’s worth the difference in quality. i’ve never used shakeit, but i’ve heard good things. i would definitely recommend this app.

  2. This is such a sweet thing to read. SO amazingly excited for you guys. What great friends (coworkers?) you have.

  3. And oh my lord, that shirt you’re wearing in the post beneath this is beautiful. I really love it.

    • thanks! it’s actually a non-maternity shirt, but it still fits well over the bump. i think i got it off the urban outfitters sale rack a while back.

  4. The first cake with Sylvia’s name on it!

  5. i just stumbled upon this blog and i love it. will keep reading. :)follow mine too if you like.

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