4D ultrasound.

we had our 4D ultrasound this morning.  sylvie did NOT want to cooperate.  she had half of her face snuggled into the placenta the whole time.  we never did get a shot of her entire face, but we got enough partial face pictures to piece it all together.  we saw enough to know that she has super chubby cheeks, really long fingers, and a full head of hair!  i suspected our girl would have some hair.  travis was born with a full head of thick, black hair.  i am also happy to report that she has my lips, travis’ nose, and an adorable little chin.

in this first picture you can see the bottom of her face and both of her hands. when this was taken she was playing with the umbilical cord and waving it around!

here is a decent shot of her face. just look at those full, little lips!

we also verified that she is DEFINITELY a girl. phew! all-in-all, even though she was uncooperative, i’m still extremely glad that we did it. it was amazing to see her moving around in there, playing, and stretching. we got to see some of her personality for the first time, which was incredible. i would highly recommend doing an elective 4D scan if your health care providers don’t have the option. i’m also glad we waited until 34 weeks to do it. she had an adorable amount of baby fat to look at!

we’re about to head out to dinner with my parents. i hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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22 responses to “4D ultrasound.

  1. Oh My Lord there’s a baby in your belly!!!! I want more pictures!!!!!

    • I KNOW, RIGHT?! I have a bunch more pictures, but they’re mostly of her half squished face. She just would not turn her head no matter what we did!

  2. How fun! Love the pics!

  3. I think she looks like me. Yeah, I know that’s genetically impossible, but I’m thinking maybe by some sort of wild and unheard of form-to-date of osmosis….

  4. Nancy Resnick (PA)

    How wonderful that you get to see Sylvie like that. Truly amazing !

  5. Just wondering what the 4th dimension is?

    • It’s time. The facility we went to calls it “4D” because it’s better a better machine than the older “3D” model and it’s in real time.

  6. Unreal. My twin brother and his wife just had his first ultrasound last week. She’s only 2 months pregnant but it was still amazing. This 4d is unreal. He definitely has to do this next.

    • Our first ultrasound at 8 weeks was amazing, too. Even though she just looked like a kidney bean with t-rex arms then! Congrats to your brother!

  7. Wow. That’s incredible.

  8. Amazing…even if she wasn’t cooperative. I kind of wish we had done one of these (mainly because I have my doubts about their guess regarding the sex of our kid). Not long now!

  9. OH MY BABY! (YOUR baby–I just meant it like the phrase. I know she’s yours. Hahah) She is BEAUTIFUL! Dang it, you got a good one!

  10. so cute! it totally looks like she’s smiling in that first picture! awwww, you’re going to be a mommy SO SOON!

    • she does look like she’s smiling. also, she totally looks like the notorious b.i.g. in the second picture!

      it really is SO SOON! time is flying by in the best way.

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