baby gear.

here is a list of the gear we’ve gotten for sylvie and why we chose it.


AP industries lollipop crib in white

why? we loved the clean, classic lines of this crib. it is also extremely sturdy and simple, exactly our style.

changing table:
south shore changing table in pure white

why? this piece is equal parts changing table and dresser, making it very practical for our small space. the available wall for this piece is only 41 inches wide, and this table fits perfectly. we got it in white to match the crib.

ikea expedit series 8 cubby and 4 cubby in white

why? they hold a lot for their size, are affordably priced, and we just really loved the way they look.


travel system:
safety first aerolite fx in “pegasus”

why? we knew we wanted a travel system to keep things as compact and uncomplicated as possible. this one is well reviewed, reasonably priced (compared to brands like chicco), folds down to a small size with one hand, and is gender neutral in color scheme. it is also much more padded than any of the other systems in the same price range. the stroller goes up to 50 pounds and the car seat to 22.

secondary car seat:
britax marathon

why? this seat came VERY highly recommended from a few different people. it has a weight range of 4-65 pounds and can face both rear and front. she will be able to use this seat after she out grows the travel system and up until it’s time to put her in a booster. it is very highly rated in safety and well reviewed.

baby carriers:
moby wrap and baby bjorn

why? my husband and i are really into the idea of baby wearing, but we both wanted different things out of a carrier. i chose the moby wrap for me because of its versatility and the fact that i could use it from birth. it came very highly recommended to me from various sources. i have also been told that it puts little strain on the back and shoulders. he chose the baby bjorn for its ease of use and more masculine appearance. he also liked that you can wear it in the front or backpack style.

pack ‘n play:
graco pack ‘n play in townsend

why? we are planning to use the pack ‘n play both for travel and as a bedside bassinet for a couple of months after her birth. i love that it has a built-in changer, wipe dispenser and plenty of storage for extra diapers. it also has a canopy, which makes napping easier in almost any location. we also like the gender neutral color scheme, as we will use it with future children.

infant seat/bouncer:
first years kickin’ coaster

why? it is both a stationary vibrating infant seat and a baby exerciser. i liked that she would have something to do and get some exercise as opposed to just sitting there in a regular seat or swing. it helps promote coordination and leg strength and teach cause and effect.

blue bumbo with play tray

why? we don’t have the room in this apartment for a full size highchair. in addition, we will be moving when she is around 10 months old, only 4 months into purees. she will be able to use this for various activities outside of feeding time. plus, how cute do chubby baby thighs look sticking out of one of these?!


breast pump:
medela pump in style

why? i knew i wanted a pump that will do both sides at once. unfortunately, i will probably have to introduce bottle feeding at a young age. i have to get my gallbladder out soon after sylvie’s birth, which will require an overnight stay in the hospital and a couple of days of painkillers. i want to have a store of pumped milk handy before this happens. beyond just that, travis really wants to help with the feedings. i plan to feed her directly as much as i can, but life doesn’t always respect your plans. i wanted a good, fast pump so that i can be prepared for those times when breast feeding will not be possible. i have also been told that this pump will last through multiple children.

nursing support pillow:

why? this pillow can be used so many different ways. sylvie can use it while nursing, for tummy time, and (eventually) as a little seat. it seems to be a purchase that will really grow with her.

tommee tippee

why? these bottles are BPA free and are specially designed to lessen nipple confusion and make the transition between breast and bottle (and back) easier. the nipple is wider and more rounded so babies can latch onto these much like they would onto a breast.

i think that about covers the basic stuff we have for sylvie! i didn’t include her cloth diapering supplies in this list. we have bought a few different brands and i would like to make an expanded post on that after her birth. i want to figure out which brands/kinds work for her and us before i post on it! i just wanted to put in my two cents on all the other stuff. what gear do you swear by?

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10 responses to “baby gear.

  1. I love so many of your choices- the clean, simple lines of your nursery furniture is perfect. And I (almost) registered for the tommee tippee’s… seriously. I was THIS close.

  2. My 15 month old uses the Tommee Tippee sippy cups and we love the brand. I don’t know if it was because I was so sleep deprived but when I used my Medela pump in her early months, I swore it said Ink Pad, Ink Pad.

    This might be tmi but the first couple of times I used the pump, I found it terrifying and at the same time hilarious at just how HUGE my nipples got. They were like the size of quarters. 😉

    • For some TMI on my end, I’m already SHOCKED at how large everything in the chest area has gotten! I know they would grow, but I did NOT expect to go from a C to an E in the span of a few weeks. I know they’ll only get bigger for a while after she’s born. UGH.

  3. What a great list! I have researching Wraps and I am glad to see you like the Moby Wrap. I love the idea of wraps but they also make me so nervous, hence the heavy researching. I am also planning on getting a Baby Bjorn because I am familiar with them. And I love the First Year Kickin’ Coaster! I have also been looking at different Infant Bouncers and this one seems perfect for all the reasons you explained.

    Thanks for the round up lady!

    • Wraps can definitely be intimidating! With the Moby Wrap, the baby sits up, with her head against your chest. That made me confident in my purchase. Also, you can breat feed without taking your baby out of it! I am so excited about the Kickin Coaster. I can’t wait to see her eyes light up the first time she makes the seat move!
      I’m glad you enjoyed my round up!

  4. Hi! I stop by often but never have commented! Just wanted to say we bought the same stroller system and love it so far! Can’t wait to have the baby to put it to the real test! Also registered for the same breast pump. Let me know how you make out! 🙂

  5. Hi, Sara! I’m a new reader to your blog… Congrats on your impending arrival! Just wanted to chime in on your baby picks. As a new mom (we have a 4 month old boy), I know how overwhelming all the gear shopping can be. It’s hard to know what you’ll use, let alone what the baby will like. Anyways, I wanted to suggest an alternative to the Baby Bjorn… That’s what I thought we wanted, too, until I talked to some Mommas and Daddies who had actually used one.

    We ended up getting an Ergo (and a Moby) and we love it! It’s very comfortable, manly enough for the husband, and super easy to use.

    Here’s a good comparison of the two:

    Also, there’s some talk of the Baby Bjorn being not great for the baby’s spine… Not sure about that, but I have heard repeatedly that it’s not comfortable as baby gets bigger.

    So there’s my unsolicited two cents for the day! 🙂 Best wishes for a happy and healthy labor and delivery. I look forward to reading about the next step in your journey!

    • Hey Jen,
      Thanks for your input! It’s funny but I’ve heard wonderful things about the Baby Bjorn from various friends with young children and infants. You never can tell! I’ve heard good things about the Ergo, too. I think we’re going to stick with the Baby Bjorn for now. We were gifted with it. Money is tight and the Ergo would be expensive to go out and buy. If the hubs doesn’t like it he is more than welcome to share my Moby. I don’t think anyone can know what will work ahead off time. All we can do is research, purchase and hope it works out.
      Thanks again for the advice and for stopping by! Congratulations on your baby boy.

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