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what do you do while your baby naps? if i’m just being honest, when that day comes i will probably nap with her. adele of mila’s daydreams takes that time to imagine what her slumbering daughter is dreaming, create the dream scene from household items, and photograph it. the results are both whimsical and beautifully serene.


do yourself a favor and pay a visit to mila’s daydreams. you’ll be glad you did.


with all of my illustration commissions complete, i spent my evening working on some of the decorative aspects of sylvie’s nursery. i made some substantial progress on her crocheted blanket and finished painting a world map for the wall above her crib. stay tuned for pictures of both tomorrow.

speaking of tomorrow, travis and i are taking the day to have our last out-of-town date before sylvie’s arrival. our plan is to drive the hour to indianapolis, eat lunch at a small french restaurant, and spend the afternoon walking along the canal. i am 35 weeks today and don’t plan on venturing too far from home after this week. travis and i are so excited to welcome our daughter into the world, but we’re happily enjoying our last few weeks as a couple.

this coming fall promises to be a busy one, with little time left over for leisurely strolls around our for-the-moment hometown. sylvie will be a well-seasoned traveler by the time january rolls around. we are planning her first airplane ride for sometime around 6-8 weeks. our plan is to fly to pennsylvania so she can meet her aunt rachel (my big sista), uncle rich, and her cousins, sophie and zack. she will also meet my best friend, her aunt cara, on this trip. next in line is the four hour drive to columbus ohio to visit grammy and poppy for thanksgiving. after that we’re going to bundle her up for a december trip to chicago for my cousin’s wedding. last, but certainly not least, is a trip down to texas for the holidays. on this trip she will meet her daddy’s family including his grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles. she will also meet her uncle mike (my big brother), aunt melissa and cousins tessa and sam.

i firmly believe in bundling her up and taking her along for the ride. i’m sure that traveling with an infant will be challenging, but these experiences as a family are too precious to miss out on. as a kid, i was always taken along wherever my parents went. i quickly got used to being the youngest person in any given room. as a result i learned early on how to mind my manners, relate to adults, and adapt to many situations. these are all skills which have served me well in life. we don’t want to leave our daughter out of so-called “adult” activities. we want to share everything we can with her, as a family. i just can’t wait for her to get here. my arms are aching to hold her and rock her softly. i cannot believe how much and how unconditionally i love her already.

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7 responses to “blog love.

  1. I almost did a post about Mila’s Blog too!! Isn’t that such a great idea?? I can’t wait to dress up Baby Girl and take photos.

    And Sylvie will definitely be one well traveled baby! How exciting. I am sure you can’t wait for everyone to meet her.

    • Mila’s Daydreams is such a good idea! In all honesty, I will probably be too lazy to attempt something like that.

      I really can’t wait for her to meet both of our families. I can’t wait to meet her either!

  2. I agree that kids (esp. breast fed infants) are very portable. I have always believed in taking my kids with me whenever possible. It is so easy to bundle up an infant, grab the diaper bag and GO! It’s even easier while you are breastfeeding exclusively, since Mom is the food supply. I can’t wait to meet my niece!

  3. wow…that blog is awesome…what a creative idea. I’m not sure that I could be that creative…but I am going to have to try at least once 🙂

  4. Nanny Emily from Minneapolis here again… the family I work for has been practicing the “attached parenting” method with raising their son, Teo (read about it here: A lot of the attached-parenting method revolves around some of the stuff I see you write about… sleeping with mom and dad at first, “wearing” baby/taking them wherever you go, teaching compassion at an early age, etc. Anyway, since he was a baby (he’s 15 months now), he has fallen asleep with somebody, then transferred into his crib. No cry-it-out methods here. It sounds daunting, and it was at first, but now twice a day, I get to lay with him on a huge bed, and watch him fall asleep while he cuddles up into my arms. I feel as much love as I can feel as a nanny for this boy during those precious moments.

    Like you said, you will probably nap right along with her and I can totally see how you you wouldn’t want to sneak away from your sleeping girl. It’s honestly such a cool feeling, unlike one I’ve ever experienced. I can’t imagine what it would be like with your new baby. My ‘pseudo-mom’ nanny brain cannot fathom!

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