blast off?

i just got home from my 35 week midwife appointment, where i had my first internal exam. it turns out that i am 1 centimeter dilated, 80% effaced, and sylvie’s head is engaged at zero station.

yeah. i was a little surprised. in light of this news, my sister-in-law is flying up from texas to be with me in travis’ absence. the midwife was unconcerned about my progress, but still very adamant that someone be with me just in case. the way i figure it is, nothing will happen if i have a good plan B in place. if i don’t arrange for other plans, sylvie will probably waltz on out. if the forecast predicts rain and i carry an umbrella, nothing ever happens. in either case i’ll stay dry.

10 responses to “blast off?

  1. Wow! You’re about where I was the day before Evangeline was born! But, at 35 wks. I wasn’t showing any signs. I wait until the very end and go all at once. So glad your SIL will be there with you!

    • eek! ok. bedrest and NO spicy foods for me! this baby had better stay in there until trav gets back on sunday!

  2. Don’t worry. I have lots of friends who start progressing weeks before, just like you’re doing. But yeah, we’ll say a prayer that Sylie will hold on ’til Travis is back. 🙂

    With Evangeline I thought, “wow, guess she’s not coming.” And then at midnight I got up to go potty and my water broke and a few more things happened that I won’t mention here.

    Nest and rest! 🙂

    • Nest and rest! That’s my new motto! I’m not too worried. I just want her to make it to that 37 week mark. After that she is welcome to come at any time. On a positive note, some of the work of labor is already done!

  3. stay in there little Sylvie!

  4. ready to get my ticket to IN anytime!

  5. I’m so excited for you! My daughter was born at exactly 37 weeks. Just cook in there a little longer Sylvie.

    • she just has 10 days to go until that 37 week mark! as far as i’m concerned, she can come along anytime after that. we’re all set up and ready for her!

  6. Getting close!! 🙂 Just stay put for a couple more weeks, Sylvie, and then you’re home free!

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