so far so good.

my sister-in-law, melissa just left and my husband should be landing any minute now. it was great to have her here this weekend. we had a wonderful time taking it easy, watching movies, and eating delicious food. i am so thankful she could come up to keep me company. i know that travis is, too. her visit allowed him the freedom to focus on his family and not have to stress about me every second. i wish i could have been there with him and for him. i think we both underestimated how hard it would be to be separated right now.

i could conceivably go into labor at any time. i have a funny feeling that she will be here within 2 weeks. my intuition has been pretty spot on throughout the entire pregnancy. from the day we found out about our baby i was SO SURE that she was a girl. by the time we got to that 19 week ultrasound, there was no doubt in my mind. i just knew. before our last midwife appointment i told travis that i had a funny feeling that i would already be a little dilated or effaced or both. i made sure he knew that he was to go to texas for the funeral no matter what the internal showed (barring, of course, any sign that labor would be imminent). sure enough, my first internal showed 1 centimeter dilation and 80% effacement. i have been sure for a while now that she would go early. everyone told me that first babies never go early and it was probably just wishful thinking. only time will tell, but i don’t think she’ll make it 30 more days in there.

one thing is for sure, there is nothing like partial dilation, near complete effacement, and baby head engagement to get one’s butt in gear! in the half day we had together between the midwife appointment and travis’ flight, we got the bassinet put together, packed the hospital bag, chose a pediatrician, and wrote out our birth plan. yesterday melissa got the travel system unpacked and installed the car seat. i’m going to drive it by the fire station tomorrow to make sure we did everything correctly. there’s not much left to do. i have a few things to buy for the hospital bag, such as travel sized toiletries. i’d like to try to sneak in for a hair trim sometime this week, too. other than that, all that is left is to wait.

dilation, effacement and engagement aside, i’ve had a few of the classic early labor signs. most of those are a little TMI to share. let’s just say that the toilet and i have become well acquainted over the last few days. other than the gross stuff, i’ve had A LOT of pressure (and dull pain) in my pelvis, a new strange lower back pain, and a good deal of menstrual-like cramping. i have also been nauseous off and on for the last week or so. i know that none of these are super reliable signs, but i have the feeling that things are beginning to ramp up.

please note that i am NOT actively trying to speed things along. quite the opposite, in fact. she will be considered full term in 9 short days. i sincerely hope she stays put until then. after she hits that milestone i will happily start walking, bouncing and eating spicy foods. until then i’m spending most of my time crocheting, staying hydrated, and sitting. poor auggie doggie hasn’t gotten much of a walk since travis left. i’m too scared to accidentally trigger something!

i just received the text message i’ve been waiting for. travis had landed and i will see him soon. i’ve missed him so much this weekend. i don’t know if i’ve ever been more excited to see my husband.

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6 responses to “so far so good.

  1. My new favorite past time is to read your new posts and another pregnant lady’s new posts. You are both going through the same things at the same time. Definitely check out her blog:

    She goes into waaaay more detail about the gross stuff and it always makes me laugh. I hope you get a kick out of it.

    • That blog is great. I checked it out and ended up reading back about 10 pages. I’ll definitely be adding it to my daily reads. Thanks for the rec.

  2. I thought about you over the weekend. Glad Travis got home and didnt miss anything!

  3. Glad you have your husband back! Sounds like she may, in fact, come early. Who cares what everyone else says. Statistics? Throw ’em out the window! haha.

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