those poor puppies.

since it is almost impossible to predict labor, i’ve decided to make a list of other upcoming events that have me excited.

1. travis and i will be celebrating our very first wedding anniversary on august 16th. we have no big plans. if little sylvie hasn’t made her grand entrance yet, i would like to cook a nice, gourmet dinner at home. i’m thinking pan-seared sea scallops (travis’ favorite fruit de mer). i’m still working out the preparation and accompaniments in my head. i know i will be making a lemon tart for dessert. it’s his absolute favorite and so affordable and easy to make.

2. the night before our anniversary is the comedy central roast of david hasselhoff. from baywatch to death watch. but seriously, do NOT hassle the hoff.

3. i snuck in an appointment to get my hair trimmed and dyed back to my natural color (brown) tomorrow morning. my roots are looking terrible and i will not have the time for nor the interest in the upkeep red requires. i’m looking forward to not having to worry about it for a while.

4. i actually can’t think of anything else not involving sylvie or labor. so let’s get this straight. besides our anniversary and meeting my baby, i’m most looking forward to the televised cable network roast of a has been and a hair cut? SAD.

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9 responses to “those poor puppies.

  1. You should make a dinner full of all those yummy things you aren’t allowed to eat when you are pregnant. Soft cheese, sushi (with raw fish) soft serve ice cream etc.
    Scallops sound pretty darn good too!

    • Don’t you worry. Travis is under strict instructions to bring sushi to the hospital after Sylvie’s born. Soft cheeses are also way up there on my list of post-baby foods. I’ve been craving bleu cheese with honey drizzled on top like nobody’s business!

  2. what a good man.
    I’m only 8 weeks in and am missing my sushi and sashimi. its gonna be a hard slog!

    • it does get easier! i promise. plus, you could always opt for cooked or veggie rolls. no, it’s not the same, but it does satisfy that craving.

  3. Wow! I can’t imagine the excitement you must be feeling now.
    That anniversary dinner sounds delicious!!! I can’t believe it has been a year.
    I wish I had tv in my cabin just so I could watch the roast haha.
    Miss you!

    • i miss you, em! by the way, i am so proud of you and the opening of your acupuncture practice! i think it is amazing how much you’ve accomplished in such a short amount of time.i can’t wait to come to vermont nd get my first treatment!

      • Thanks Sara! It’s crazy, scary, but mostly wonderful to get started.
        The space is lovely and I cannot wait for you to see it.

        PS Kevin adjusted a two-week-old yesterday! She loved it! Kevin really enjoys treating children- what a cool guy.

  4. Oh that picture of the Hoff,I think I need to bleach my eyes. 😉 I made a hair appointment(which I was desperately in need of)and thought it would be no problemo since the little girl wasn’t due for another 3 weeks. Heh, she was born on that day and I spent another 6 weeks with roots down to my ears(at least it seemed like it)and split ends galore. My hair looked A-mazing for the birth pics.

    • hahahahaha. i managed to get the hair appointment in. i originally had it scheduled for 10 days from now. i called and changed it after our midwife appointment last week.

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