dream labor.

i had my first labor dream last night and it was RIDICULOUS.  it all started out at tomorrow’s midwife appointment.  she did another internal and sent me immediately over to the hospital without telling me anything else.  later on in the dream i asked her how effaced i was.  her answer was “250%”.  HA.  she also baked a GIANT jam-filled cupcake for sylvie’s birth-day.  consequently travis and i spent much of my dream labor arguing about whether or not the cupcake was done in the middle:

travis:  but it’s gooey in the middle!
me: it’s filled with JAM, travis. JAM.

and so on and so forth.

in all of the cupcake craziness, i forgot to call my own mother!  sorry, mom!  i promise that won’t happen in real life.  i called her at 4:05 pm and told her to get on the 6:00 pm flight.  HA again.  i never got to the actual birth.  my alarm went off when i was 2 centimeters dilated and 300% effaced.  what?!  i told you it was ridiculous.

as far as my impending non-dream labor goes, things seem to be progressing. according to askdrsears.com, i currently have 6 of the 8 “signs that labor is near”. those signs are as follows:

1. the baby has dropped. check. she is engaged and rubbing my cervix with every step i take.

2. frequent urination. check. i got up to use the restroom a whopping 5 TIMES in 7 hours last night.

3. low backache. check. this one comes and goes, but today i had a hefty contraction accompanied by a backache.

4. stronger braxton hicks contractions. check. i am getting them constantly and they have definitely gotten longer, stronger, and begun to hurt a little bit. i had one today that lasted for over 2 minutes!

5. diarrhea. CHECK. TMI ALERT: i have had it every single day for the last week. i have also had a fair amount of diarrhea-like cramps not accompanied by the actual act. the hormone that causes this to happen can also cause nausea. i have been nauseous intermittently and actually threw up the other night.

6. TMI! TMI! TMI! increased vaginal discharge. check. enough said.

now for the signs i haven’t yet experienced:

7. the bloody show. not all women experience this sign, so i’m not sure how reliable it is.

8. the infamous water breaking. again, not all women have this before the onset of labor. in fact, the number of women who do hovers somewhere in the 10-15% range.

so my question for all of the mamas out there is this: WHAT SIGNS DID YOU HAVE RIGHT BEFORE THE ONSET OF LABOR? i know it is different for every woman. i’m just curious to see if anyone’s experiences line up with mine.

our weekly midwife appointment is tomorrow afternoon and i can’t wait to see if i’ve made any progress *ahem* down there. i’ll report back.

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14 responses to “dream labor.

  1. several nights before, bloody show (when I excused myself during dinner)…that was pretty gnarly (and I am not squeamish).
    I woke up December 4th with the very strong feeling that I would be giving birth in the next day/night…
    All day long, I felt giddy, yet calm…my dog, Hazel, was very affectionate & more protective than usual. She would not leave my side, I’ll never forget that.
    That night, I had a spicy meal at the Mediterranean & walked blocks & blocks all over WC (it was Old fashioned Christmas parade, I HAD too see Santa arrive).
    Went to bed, pretty exhausted & still somehow sure that labor was imminent.
    3am contractions started…showered, took the dog out…woke Jeff around 4am, started timing contractions.
    By 7am I was in active labor & our son was born at 2pm.
    my water never broke, no braxton hicks contractions, and walked wround for a while considerably effaced/dilated.

    • i love the part about your dog. unfortunately, i don’t know if auggie has the um intelligence to know what’s going on.

      i never knew any of this about you, kimbo!

  2. I did hear that dogs do sense something and act all strange. I’m not having any early labor signs…but my dog is following me around everywhere! and usually he just wants my husband! Wishing you the best and can’t wait to hear that you had your little girl!

    • my dog was particularly sweet to me all last weekend. however, i think it was because my husband was out of town and he had no other choices! thanks, dana. i hope your little boy takes pity on you in this hot summer and comes early.

  3. 250% effaced! I laughed out loud 🙂 Not at you … with you. Sounds like the crazy dreams I’ve been having!

  4. Your dream is too funny! I never had the bloody show and my water never broke, and those were the two signs I was really counting on! You are definitely more progressed than I was at this stage. A week past my due date and Henry still hadn’t dropped and I wasn’t effaced or dilated at all. Good job getting ready Slyvie! You’re soooo close Sara!

    • i was so sure i would go past my due date with no progress. my mom was induced 17 days late with me. she had no progress either. i (thankfully) managed to escape that genetic trap!

  5. My labor with Gabriel was crazy long and strange. But, he was face up instead of face down. I ended up asking the doc to break my water. I did have blood show though.

    With N & E, both bloody show and water broke at home before leaving for the hospital. My water broke the exact same way with them. Got up to go potty in the night, and opps-ie did I forget to stop peeing?

    I have the big D and vomiting every time right before labor. Actually, I never threw up with E. But did both times with the boys.

  6. The night before I went into labour I had MY FIRST LABOUR DREAM! Seriously! All night I dreamt that I was having contractions and about 15 hours after waking up from that dream, the real contractions started! That day I also had mild cramping and lost my mucus plug and yes, had the poops.
    Good luck!

  7. Okay, after doing everything, and (TMI) I mean everything (*wink wink*) to get labor started (excluding castor oil-yuck), I had been at 3 cm for a week. I had no diarrhea, no nausea my water didn’t break. I thought I had bloody show because I had some orange pink discharge about two days before labor..but when I really got bloody show in the hospital..uh I learned the true meaning of show. The books say red streaked mucus but it was considerably more than streaking. I had that happen when the nurse was examining me for evaluation to send me upstairs…she was like..”oh, you are 3 cm and 90 percent effaced”..then she hooks me up to monitor.., watches it a minute and says “Well, you are in labor!” Yeah, tell me something I don’t know lady, cuz by then contractions were already 4 min apart. I had been having Braxton Hicks for weeks, including one real bad that sounds similar to yours, it woke me up and I thought “this is it” turns out it wasn’t it for two more weeks! To me Braxton Hicks felt like the descriptions of contractions then when actual contractions started it didn’t feel anything like that. I thought it was just really sharp gas pains, my stomach didn’t get hard or anything…it wasn’t until Patrick pointed out that I was saying my stomach hurt every 10 minutes that it dawned on me that’s what they might be…even then I wasn’t sure so I went to my sonogram and was waiting to see my doc for our weekly appointment, in about 1.5 hours I went from 10 min apart to 5 min apart. I woke up at 8 am with no signs (other than being a little dialated) and no contractions..I had pretty much given up on going into labor on my own…to having a baby within 11 hours…
    as far was what you found out today..that 80 percent is a lot..I think that you will go and very soon..good luck!

    • k just read back and saw that you were 80 percent already..but you are continuing to dialate…so still progress..i never effaced until contractions started so for me that was the kicker

      • yep. i’ve been 80% for at least a week now, but i gained 3 cm since this time last week. we’ll see. i’ve had some blood this afternoon, but i don’t know if it’s the famed bloody show or just some spotting from my internal.

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