so much love.

i apologize for my lack of posting over the past week. however, in my defense i have the cutest reason ever to be preoccupied.

we finally got some clothes that fit her today. she’s so tiny that my mom had to venture into the preemie section. the newborn items we have are HUGE on her. can someone please explain to me where the clothing items for 5-7 pound babies are hiding? the preemie items are just slightly short on her, but they fit her better than anything else. oh well. i’m sure she’ll fit into her newborn stuff by her actual due date on the 31st.

there are many unexpected side effects of having a baby that no one ever tells you about. the one that has hit me is the overwhelming love i have for my husband. it’s an entirely new kind of affection now that we’re nurturing this life together. i’m more in love with him now than i ever thought possible. he just blows me away. he went from changing his first ever diaper to being super dad over the course of a day. you always hear about the mother’s instincts and intuition. i think it’s about time we give it up for the dads. his instincts are spot on. i’m continually impressed with how well he has adjusted. there is so much love in our little family.

9 responses to “so much love.

  1. Way to go Travis!

  2. You both overwhelm me with your confidence, instincts and love.

  3. I just had my baby on monday and just came home yesterday and i know what you mean! I just melt when I watch him holding her and how concerned he gets about her and the things that I never ever imagined that I would hear him say. I can’t say I love you enough! It is a wonderful time, the best time, and it’s hard to imagine it getting any better..Love the pappas!

  4. I am just so happy for you two right now. she is adorable and looking so cute in that little panda outfit!

  5. I don’t know that I’ve ever commented on here before, but I totally know what you mean. Our little Meredith turned 6 months old this past Thursday and everyday since she was born I feel what you’re feeling now about my husband. Congtats on the babe, she’s a doll!

  6. It’s all so surreal when they first come home. Of course I still feel like that, I’m in awe of my daughter. Sylvie is so precious.

  7. I’m so happy for you both right now. Sylvie is beautiful! 🙂 And don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll be outgrowing those (and many other!) clothes in no time. Cherish these early moments, I’ve heard they’re the sweetest, even if you’re running on no sleep. I know I plan to!

  8. So cute! I am a bit late, but congratulations. Your labor sounds like it went a lot like mine…15 hours of unmedicated labor turned emergency c-section. Anyway, I hope you’re recovering from the c-section ok. Nothing like a sweet baby to take care of to get you back on your feet quickly. She’s adorable!

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