can’t stop, won’t stop.

taking pictures of my precious girl, that is.

today we went to sylvie’s 2 week pediatrician appointment. her weight gain was a little touch and go at the beginning, but i’m happy to report that she is back up to her birth weight. that’s 9 ounces gained in one week! she’s eating like a champ around the clock, which means almost no sleep on our end. it’s all so worth it.


5 responses to “can’t stop, won’t stop.

  1. WOW! She is beautiful.


  2. I love love love sleeping baby pics…you can’t ever take too many! Too freaking cute…

  3. She is just so beautiful. Look at those dainty little arms and hands!
    Glad she’s gaining weight!

  4. too stinking cute! keep the baby pictures coming!

  5. I love her little hands up to her face. She’s so adorable.

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