the park and tummy time.

today we went on our first real family outing to the park. by real outing i mean that i had to change and breast-feed her in public for the first time. we had a great time lounging under the trees, reading aloud to each other, and just being there together.

sylvie slept most of the time:

look at those lips!

after she woke up we got her changed. she peed all over herself. being the novice parent that i am, i forgot to pack a change of clothes. no matter. with her belly full, we laid her in the sun to dry out.

our first public feeding:

tummy time/tush drying time:

shortly after tummy time it started to get a little warm for her. we packed everything up and headed home. she is still napping in her car seat.

we started doing tummy time just a few days ago. this is a video of her first time. she picked up her head and turned it over no less than 3 times her very first go at it! it may be silly to get so excited about such a small thing, but i think it’s pretty impressive. i can’t believe that her original due date is still 6 days away. she’s grown so much already.

the song in the video is “tick eats the olives” by devendra banhart.

9 responses to “the park and tummy time.

  1. Congratulations on your first public feeding it is so wonderful that you can feel comfortable to feed your baby anywhere. I hope that when my baby girl arrives in October I have the same confidence.

    • The park was definitely a good first place to feed in public. It was fairly empty and nobody seemed to pay us any mind.

  2. That’s SO crazy to think that she might not even have been here yet for another six days… or another 13, if she were a “typical” late first baby. Wow!!
    Congrats on the first public feeding. I hope it went well 🙂 And it looks like the whole family had a great time. What a relaxing afternoon!

  3. That video is adorable! I don’t think Henry was ever that tiny! And you JUST had a baby? You look amazing!!

  4. you both look so pro…so at ease!
    Sylvie is precious…please keep the pics coming. I am also reading Medium Raw, btw 🙂

  5. sounds like a perfect day! I can’t believe that she wasn’t due for another 6 days! she is so darn cute!

  6. What a fun day! You look great and Sylvie is SO cute!

  7. The first few weeks are so incredible and it looks like your family is doing so well. Aren’t baby toes the absolute cutest?!

  8. I love the video. When you’re parents, nothing is ever too small to get excited about. 🙂

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