when sylvie met meme and pop-pop.

travis’ grandparents stopped into town today as part of their annual cross-country RV tour. here is a video of pop-pop singing her a little song. never mind the shoddy camera work. travis momentarily forgot that turning the camera sideways doesn’t translate well in video. oops! it is a sweet moment, nonetheless.

and a picture with her great grandmother, meme:

we’re off shortly to a little cookout at a friend’s house. go go gadget porta-baby!


2 responses to “when sylvie met meme and pop-pop.

  1. best thing about having kids youngish – great grandparents!

  2. Love these pics and the video. Hey – don’t know if this will work for you or not, but Johnny accidentally videoed Papaw singing to Evangeline sideways too. But in Picasa we just used the arrow button to turn it the right way. I knew that button would work for photos, but didn’t know it would work with videos too. If y’all lived here, then Sylvie would be getting her first bday invitation. 🙂 Evangeline turns 1 next Sunday!

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