colic: what a bummer.

that’s right. cheeks is currently experiencing a bout with the dreaded C. after 4 consecutive days of non-stop fussing, we took her to the pediatrician. he said everything we had described from the difficulty breast feeding to the clinginess is classic colic. we left with a prescription for some tummy drops. i just gave sylvie her first dose, and i hope that it helps.

poor girl. last night was terrible for her. i could tell she was in so much pain, but travis and i were powerless to help. she is not a screamer. she is a back-arching über grunter. this little girl will writhe and grunt until her face is tortured and beet red. she won’t take the breast very well at the moment. as soon as she latches she will push off and commence with the aforementioned über grunting. as a result we’ve had to pump and bottle feed her a few times a day. i hate doing it (breast feeding is my favorite thing ever), but girl needs to eat! she will take down over 4 ounces from a bottle, but only feed directly from me for 10-15 minutes at a time. luckily, at almost 4 weeks, breast feeding was well established. she has not had any nipple confusion and will switch back and forth with ease.

on the positive side, she has gained over a pound since her 2 week check-up. that’s 17 ounces in 10 days for a grand total of 7 pounds 5 ounces.

i had better run. cheeks is beginning to fuss for her dinner. any advice and wisdom on colic would be much appreciated!


13 responses to “colic: what a bummer.

  1. I’ve never had a baby with colic, but Gabriel cried a lot, so I feel for you! I would highly suggest Happiest Baby on the Block. He has lots of great wisdom and comforting/soothing tips. Maybe something would be helpful.

  2. I know this sounds kind of crazy, but I have heard that a chiropractor can actually help with colic.
    My friend Stephanie did it with her baby:

    I’m not sure what the long term results were or what happened after this particular post but I have no doubt that if you contacted her she would tell you everything 🙂

    Good luck!

    • Not crazy at all! My good friend’s fiance is a chiropractor. She suggested this to me, too. I will look into it!
      I love Stephanie’s blog! I’ve been reading since she was pregnant with Jasper. I think I remember reading that exact entry.

      • Oh good! I’m glad you know someone else who recommended it and who could maybe even hook you up!
        The roads of connection on the internet always make me smile: I found Stephanie’s blog because she won a coat from GGC. From Stephanie’s blog I discovered Leah Muse & her husband Taylor and from there…your blog (& your husbands). Your relationship with Travis is very interesting to me because when I started dating my boyfriend I was a Christian and he was not religious at all. I scoured the library for books on interfaith marriages/relationships, just wanting to hear about other people’s experiences. Almost ALL of the books were for people who were Jewish which was kind of funny to me because when I was in the 8th grade I was obsessed with the idea of being Jewish and I really want to be Jewish (my best friend was). I respect your experience & the love that you two have for each other and I appreciate that you share it here. I know first hand that it’s not always easy to navigate a relationship where two people have a different set of beliefs because usually, those beliefs are very personal…but so is your relationship. For me it wasn’t that my relationship was hard, it was more that being with someone who had different views really forced me to challenge myself and to address my doubts, whereas in the past I just ignored them & went with the flow of whoever was around me/how I was raised.
        Anyhow…now I have gone off on a tangent. Sorry!
        I hope cheeks (love it!) feels better soon.

  3. I just had a baby girl five weeks ago. Everything you described is exactly what our little girl does. She Grunts like crazy and is writhing in pain most of the day. It is super sad. It has been going on since she was two weeks. We have given her stomach drops and a prescription of zantac neither of which helped. I was having so much trouble breastfeeding that I too am know pumping and giving her a bottle. I try to breastfeed once a day just to keep that bond but always end up giving her a bottle after because she is still hungry 😦 It has been such a difficult month. I really have no great advice because not too much has helped us but what I can say is you and travis will have to lean on each other because it is emotionally draining. All you want is your sweet little girl to be happy and you can tell she is hurting… heartbreaking. At five weeks we have yet to see Alice smile. I hope that Sylvie feels better soon! Hang in there. There are other mothers going through the same thing.
    Peace, love, and all the rest.

  4. I could have written this post three months ago. Kale was such a grunter and it didn’t matter how many times people told me this was normal, I knew something was wrong. He’d also pull off the breast, had terrible gas, and would scream for hours every evening. I was told that he had colic, but I refused to accept that there was nothing I could do. I tried a lot of different things, but here’s what worked:
    1. Infant probiotics
    2. Cutting out dairy (I’ve slowly re-introduced some dairy products, but things like milk and ice cream create big problems for my little man)
    3. Managing assertive let-down

    Managing my assertive let-down made the biggest difference by far. I didn’t even know what it was, but once I figured that out, things changed for us big time. I wrote about how I managed it here: (Just in case you think this might be part of your issue).

    I know how tough it can be – not just on your little one, but on mom and dad too! I really encourage you to keep trying different things until you find something that helps.

  5. I have the assertive letdown problem and oversupply every time. It took me a while to figure it out, but now I know my remedy each time. Let me know if you think that’s the problem and I’ll tell you what I do.

  6. Swaddle swaddle, swaddle!!! My daughter was born the day after yours and was so fussy for the past few weeks..So fussy that I’v had to pump and bottle feed because she wouldn’t take the breast, also such a bummer but at least she’s getting breast milk one way or another…Anyway, we were swaddling with blankets, switched to the velcro swaddle and now I have found the zipper swaddle pod along with the miracle blanket, which have been a god send! That and constantly holding her, not sleeping and sore arms and backs haha..I feel your pain! Good luck!

  7. Hey Sara,
    I know I privately messaged you about chiropractic for colic. Babies go through quite a bit of trauma during birth (even c-section) and this can cause misalignment of the spine and therefore affect the spinal cord and the nerve roots that relate to the digestive system etc…. Sometimes colic is just due to constant pain and difficulty turning their head and neck making it difficult for the infant to breastfeed.
    Chiropractic is a great natural way to help your baby. For infants chiropractic is gentle and effective and can be very affordable. It is important however to find a chiropractor that specializes in pediatics.

    Here is a quick link I found from a colic-help website.
    I am sure I could find more information about it if you’d like.
    I just wanted to put it out there as a safe and natural way for Sylvia to get help.

    I send this message with all my love.

  8. I hope that the Dr’s Rx will ease the pain. My son and granddaughter had colic but they were screamers. The two things that seemed to work almost every time, walking with the baby while running the vacuum cleaner. I don’t know why, but the sound quiets them down. We even recorded it and played it as white noise when they’d finally go to sleep. The other was an exercise ball, one of the big ones, just sit and bounce the baby, it would work much better than rocking when they started the colic crying. I sat many an evening bouncing on the exercise ball, but it would quiet the baby down almost immediately. Another benefit, it helps tighten your stomach.

  9. Thank you to everyone for the advice! We are slowly but surely figuring out what works for us.

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