one month.

dear sylvie,

yesterday we celebrated one month with you. one month as a family of three. your daddy and i can’t decide whether this month has been the longest or the shortest time of our lives, but the days do fly by when everything fits into three hour increments. eat, poop, sleep. (i’d like to see julia roberts star in that movie!)

sylvie, it is an honor to be your mother. i love watching you take in the world around you. your eyes are beginning to focus on our faces, your hands and the pages of the books we read. speaking of those eyes, we are still trying to decide what color they will be. they are getting lighter and looking bluer everyday. i was so sure they would be brown in the days after your birth. your dad always insisted they would turn blue. daddy won that round!

this first month together has been all about taking life one day at a time. we are learning as we go along, and i apologize for any mistakes we’ve made so far. try not to hold those against us, okay? the colic has been particularly trying, but we’ll get through it together. we’re slowly figuring out what works to soothe you. white noise+your pacifier+holding you tummy to tummy seems to be the magic equation. i have also cut out dairy as an attempt to keep your sweet little tummy from bloating. i think it’s helping.

you are our sunshine, sweet girl. you are the tiny being that contains all of my hopes and dreams. you have transformed us from a couple to a family. you have increased the love in this tiny apartment exponentially. you are the piece that was missing all along. we just didn’t know it until now. we love you so much and we can’t wait to see what the next month will bring.

with all of the love in my heart,
your mom


9 responses to “one month.

  1. that daisy is the sweetest.

  2. I love those pants!! The whole outfit is just precious!

  3. So sweet!
    One whole month already, WOW. 🙂

  4. absolutely beautiful. i got tears in my eyes ❤

  5. Adorable!! Does she always sleep like that? It’s so cute- like she’s dreaming of flying!

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