thank you.

sometimes you have a really bad day. you know the kind. the baby cries for hours on end, she won’t eat, and you feel tired and a little bit sick. then something happens to turn the whole day around.

today was one of those days. sylvie cried and fussed and barely ate enough at each feeding to hold her for 2 hours afterward. travis and i are exhausted. determined to make tonight better, we cooked ourselves a nice dinner and ventured out to rent a silly movie. on the way home we stopped by the mailbox. inside was a small package from allie and henry, which contained the most beautiful vintage corduroy dress for sylvie.

the note tucked inside was even sweeter. i nearly cried when i read it. so, thank you, allie (and henry, too!) for making my day a whole lot brighter. sylvie thanks you, too!

2 responses to “thank you.

  1. Sorry you had a bad day. Johnny and I seriously count down ’til the 4 month mark after a new baby! We try to enjoy those little baby days as much as possible, but it sure gets hard sometimes.

    Love the dress! So glad it arrived and made you smile! 🙂

    • It’s OK! We’re all better now. Travis and I are watching a cheesy movie and Sylvie is sleeping.
      I think Sylvie’s tummy troubles will get better soon. I hope so anyway.

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