Monthly Archives: October 2010

11 weeks.

i finished sylvie’s halloween costume this morning!

hat: baby gap, everything else: handmade by me

i am IN LOVE with her first halloween costume. it took me forever to finish because it is all hand stitched. i don’t own a sewing machine (i’m not even sure where i would put one in this place), but it is well worth having sore fingers. i can’t wait to take pictures of her in it at the pumpkin patch next weekend.

thoroughly stylish thursday.

the last couple of days have really kicked my butt! sylvie hasn’t slept at all for the last two days. she has been awake all night long for two nights now, and keeps refusing to go down for naps. she is fussy, whiney, and all around inconsolable. we took her to the pediatrician this morning and discovered an ear infection. poor girl! i really hope the antibiotics help her quickly.

if there’s one thing i’ve learned about mommyhood so far it’s that there is always something. we finally got her tummy issues worked out and now she’s sick. it turns out she does have multiple protein intolerances. my intuition was correct after months of doctors trying to convince me it was colic or reflux or just normal behavior. UM excuse me, but watching my baby scream through every feeding for 2 months is NOT “normal” behavior. we switched her to neocate, which is a protein-free, amino acid based formula. she’s been on it for 10 days now, and she is a completely different baby. she is smiling consistently for the first time, and is happily engaging with the world around her. it’s amazing to be able to put her down in her play gym or swing and have time to brush my teeth or make a sandwich. she seems so much happier. despite being sick and in pain, she’s still in better shape than she was 2 weeks ago. amazing.

for obvious reasons, wardrobe wednesday didn’t happen yesterday. we are all completely exhausted and my milky moo was not in the mood to tolerate anything other than pajamas. who can blame her? so we’ll call this installment thoroughly stylish thursday. this picture and outfit are from a few days ago. i call this look “black and white and cute all over”. as my very best friend was kind enough to point out, i am a dork.

fleece peacoat: target (part of a set), striped pants: h&m

i am in love with this outfit. i think we might dress her in it again for our trip to the pumpkin patch this weekend. it matches her new halloween ghost hat perfectly.

well it seems as if my little sylvie has finally allowed her eyes to close. she will only sleep on her daddy’s chest, but it’s a start. wish us luck for tonight! i have a feeling we’re going to need it.

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i took a little blogging hiatus this past week. my heart just wasn’t in it this week. i was exhausted from yet another night spent in the hospital thanks to my gallbladder. travis’ parents took me and sylvie in for the week. i got a lot of help with sylvie and some much needed rest. travis got some time to focus on his school work. sylvie got a lot of snuggle time with her grammy and poppy. win-win-win. the three of us are back together and back home again.

sylvie turned 10 weeks old yesterday. here is a peek at week 9 in pictures.

on another note: i wasn’t sure if i was even going to bring this up, but here it goes. top baby blogs reset its vote count back to zero a few days ago. let’s be real, TBB is essentially one big popularity contest. really. on the other hand, i have met some amazing women (and their adorable babies) through this community of mommy bloggers. these girls provide me with support and advice as i raise my sweet girl far away from family and friends. i would be remiss if i pretended like their friendship, which would not be possible without top baby blogs, meant nothing to me. that said, if you could please click the following banner to vote for me i would so appreciate it. i have amazing readers. all of your comments mean so much to me. thank you so much!

Click To Vote For Us @ the Top Baby Blogs Directory! The most popular baby blogs

sylvie’s swag.

there are some great, all organic clearance items over at happy green bee right now. i scored some great, inexpensive clothing items for sylvie.

petal dress: $8, originally $36.

cardigan: $7, originally $28

leggings: $6, originally $12

stripy leggings: $5, originally $18

grand total: $26 of organic baby goodness! a big THANK YOU goes out to melissa for alerting readers about this sale.

i don’t usually do this…

i have a blog buddy in jess over at here comes the sun. she is expecting a little boy to be named elliot. little elliot is not only suffering from gastroschisis, but there is a good chance that he may have to be delivered very early, around 29-30 weeks. you can read more about why in this post.

i’ve never met jess, but she is a sweet girl who is going through all of this while her husband is in korea. she comments here often and never has anything but kind things to say. if you could, please keep her and elliot in your thoughts or prayers. thank you!

2 months.

my dear sylvie,

today you are 2 months old. i’m not going to lie, today was a crummy day. BUT the fantastic thing about days is that they eventually end. every morning is a fresh start, a new chance to try again.

this last month has flown by. we have done and learned so much. we took our first family vacation together. you graced us with your first real, definitely-not-caused-by-gas smile. it was an amazing moment. i fed you, burped you, and laid you down on my lap. i looked into your eyes, smiled and said hello. you smiled back not once, not twice, but three times. THREE huge, gummy smiles. i loved every single second of it.

this month you became the master of the bumbo. by master i mean that you will sit in it for 30 seconds before screaming. those first 30 seconds are awfully cute, though.

another big development this month is that you’ve gone from multiple night feedings to just one. you also go down to sleep much more easily. we have our routine, and we stick to it. we put you down for the night around 11, and you usually sleep until 3:30 or 4 and again until 7. some nights you still require 2 feedings and a little more attention, but more often than not you let us get some rest. we appreciate it, milky. we really do.

do you know what my favorite time of day is with you? it is your morning nap. for a few weeks now you’ve been taking a regular nap from 9 to 11 in the morning. i bring you into bed with me and we snuggle and sleep together for the whole 2 hours. you always look so sweet and so peaceful, bathed with the morning light streaming through the bedroom window. i love watching you sleep and hearing you sigh, while i wonder what fills your dreams.

you amaze me everyday, sweet girl. we are learning more about each other with every passing second. i am learning to distinguish your cries, and it has made mothering you much easier. i know now when you need food, rest, attention, and a dry tush. your needs and wants are so simple now. i wonder how long it will stay this way. my guess is that this time will be fleeting, as time often is.

i love being your mother, sylvie. everyday brings new joys and new challenges. in 2 short months i’ve already nearly forgotten what our lives were like before you were born. all of that is a distant, faded memory, like trying to look through frosted glass. you, little girl, have made our lives so much better. so much more joyful. so much more challenging. so much more complete. we love you so very much and that will never change. i never knew what true love was before i met you.

with all the love in my heart,

wardrobe wednesday.

this week sylvie had two awesome outfits. instead of picking one, i’m just going to include both. double the style!

sylvie wore this first outfit yesterday for another trip to the park. it’s getting cold quickly and we’re soon going to lose our weekly afternoon spent in the park. i’m bummed.

sweater: thrifted, skinny jeans: babies r us, shoes: target

sylvie wore this second outfit today for a trip over to our friends’ house to meet their new baby.

headband: target (part of a 2 pack), jean jacket: thrifted, onesie: gerber, customized by my buddy travis (another travis!)

polka dot pants: baby gap

the other big news this week is that this happened:

when did my squishy little newborn become a full-fledged baby? oy!


every afternoon or early evening sylvie and i take a mile-long walk around the neighborhood. sometimes she’s asleep in her wrap 5 minutes in and i get some much-needed “me” time. other times she stays awake for the 30 minute loop and we look at the leaves changing color, we touch the grass, and i point out animal-shaped clouds.

today is a particularly blustery early fall day. i bundled sylvie up in a hooded sweater, thermal suit, and booties. all toasty and warm in the maya wrap, she was asleep before we got to the mailbox. i put her into her crib when we got home and snapped the following pictures of her napping, still toasty warm.

iphone part deux.

(ok. this one was taken with the point and shoot, but i’m so happy she finally enjoys her swing.)