wardrobe wednesday.

this week sylvie had two awesome outfits. instead of picking one, i’m just going to include both. double the style!

sylvie wore this first outfit yesterday for another trip to the park. it’s getting cold quickly and we’re soon going to lose our weekly afternoon spent in the park. i’m bummed.

sweater: thrifted, skinny jeans: babies r us, shoes: target

sylvie wore this second outfit today for a trip over to our friends’ house to meet their new baby.

headband: target (part of a 2 pack), jean jacket: thrifted, onesie: gerber, customized by my buddy travis (another travis!)

polka dot pants: baby gap

the other big news this week is that this happened:

when did my squishy little newborn become a full-fledged baby? oy!

15 responses to “wardrobe wednesday.

  1. love that pink and white striped sweater ❤

  2. Nancy Resnick (PA)

    Love the sneakers.

  3. So cute! Is her black headband sort of patent-y?

  4. One Word…ADORABLE!

  5. I also want to add thank you again for the gallstone posts. It helped me a lot and I have made the french fries or oven fries! I was wondering if I could link you in a gallstone post I am doing?

  6. Already in her bumbo all cute and alert, that was quick!

  7. I LOVE the onesie that Travis customized!

    • Isn’t it amazing? I’ve been waiting for Sylvie to get big enough to wear it. It’s still a tad too big for her, but I don’t care.

  8. T was so happy to see Sylvie enjoying the onesie he made for her! I was scrolling through the post and he kept saying “Go back! I wanna see it!” He would be happy to make more for other babies if anyone is interested!

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