2 months.

my dear sylvie,

today you are 2 months old. i’m not going to lie, today was a crummy day. BUT the fantastic thing about days is that they eventually end. every morning is a fresh start, a new chance to try again.

this last month has flown by. we have done and learned so much. we took our first family vacation together. you graced us with your first real, definitely-not-caused-by-gas smile. it was an amazing moment. i fed you, burped you, and laid you down on my lap. i looked into your eyes, smiled and said hello. you smiled back not once, not twice, but three times. THREE huge, gummy smiles. i loved every single second of it.

this month you became the master of the bumbo. by master i mean that you will sit in it for 30 seconds before screaming. those first 30 seconds are awfully cute, though.

another big development this month is that you’ve gone from multiple night feedings to just one. you also go down to sleep much more easily. we have our routine, and we stick to it. we put you down for the night around 11, and you usually sleep until 3:30 or 4 and again until 7. some nights you still require 2 feedings and a little more attention, but more often than not you let us get some rest. we appreciate it, milky. we really do.

do you know what my favorite time of day is with you? it is your morning nap. for a few weeks now you’ve been taking a regular nap from 9 to 11 in the morning. i bring you into bed with me and we snuggle and sleep together for the whole 2 hours. you always look so sweet and so peaceful, bathed with the morning light streaming through the bedroom window. i love watching you sleep and hearing you sigh, while i wonder what fills your dreams.

you amaze me everyday, sweet girl. we are learning more about each other with every passing second. i am learning to distinguish your cries, and it has made mothering you much easier. i know now when you need food, rest, attention, and a dry tush. your needs and wants are so simple now. i wonder how long it will stay this way. my guess is that this time will be fleeting, as time often is.

i love being your mother, sylvie. everyday brings new joys and new challenges. in 2 short months i’ve already nearly forgotten what our lives were like before you were born. all of that is a distant, faded memory, like trying to look through frosted glass. you, little girl, have made our lives so much better. so much more joyful. so much more challenging. so much more complete. we love you so very much and that will never change. i never knew what true love was before i met you.

with all the love in my heart,


8 responses to “2 months.

  1. Nancy Resnick (PA)

    Beautiful pictures. Hope to meet Sylvie in person when she comes to PA.

  2. this is so sweet. happy two months sylvie! she looks so much like her mama!

    • Thanks, Allie! I think she may be starting to look a bit more like me. I still think she looks way more like her dad, though!

  3. So sweet 🙂
    happy 2 months, Sylvie!

    • Thanks, Jess. By the way, I’m thinking about you and little Elliot all the time. I hope he can stay in there as long as possible. He will be in my prayers.

  4. Sweet, sweet, post! Time flies – can’t believe she’s already two months!

    • I can’t believe it either, Alisha! I saw the pictures of Gabriel’s 5th birthday. So sweet! I can’t wait to move down to Texas!

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