11 weeks.

i finished sylvie’s halloween costume this morning!

hat: baby gap, everything else: handmade by me

i am IN LOVE with her first halloween costume. it took me forever to finish because it is all hand stitched. i don’t own a sewing machine (i’m not even sure where i would put one in this place), but it is well worth having sore fingers. i can’t wait to take pictures of her in it at the pumpkin patch next weekend.


18 responses to “11 weeks.

  1. All so cute! Love the costume – although I’m not sure she does! 😉

  2. I love her halloween costume! I can’t sew at all…so I have to by everything

    oh…and i love the BYOB onesie! I need one of those

  3. Great job on the costume, she looks very cute (even when crying!) Love the pink and white polka dot outfit too.

    • Thank you so much, Coty! What’s LP going to be?!

      • He is going to be a monkey! It’s a costume I bought on sale at Babies R Us…has a little padded belly and a hood with the ears…problem is that is might be too warm for him to wear it! Dang Texas!

  4. Awesome costume. There are so many cute baby ones out there. We dont do Halloween in Australia so I will miss out on all of that 😦

    • I’m sorry there’s no Halloween there! On the upside, Australia is beautiful. I loved my trip to Melbourne a few years ago!

  5. Wow- she is really beautiful.
    That Halloween costume is awesome- haha I love it!

    And… is that miss Sylvie in a FLIP?! Already? Did it fit her well/contain the mess? A large part of our cloth stash is going to be Flips. But I wasn’t planning on Elliot fitting into them until he was a few months old or older.

    • Haha. Thanks, Jess.
      Yep! It’s a Flip! She just started wearing them. She’s almost 10.5 pounds now and will be 3 months old in 2 weeks! I like these the best of any of our diapers so far. We also have Grovias, Bum Genius 4.0s, and Fuzzibunz. The Flips contain both wet and dirty messes well. What’s best is the cover will last through multiple wet changes. We’ve found that poo will usually get on the covers, though. Lucky for us, she only goes poo once a day. One cover will get me through a day’s worth of changes until the poo diaper. I love them. They wash up great and are so much cheaper!

    • By the way, email me your address at sarakhinkle@gmail.com. I want to make a hat for Elliot!

  7. Great costume! She seems to be a pro at flapping those flightless wings, too. We don’t really do Halloween in the UK either, so it makes me miss America hardcore.

  8. that costume is too much!! i am beyond impressed that as the mommy of an 11-week old you had the energy and time to devote to hand-stitching a costume–amazing! it was clearly worth the effort, as it is absolutely adorable on your baby bird.

    • Thanks! The completion of this costume would not have been made possible without my husband. He entertained Sylvie all evening on Saturday so I could make it.

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