i had to post another video today because i finally caught some of her sweet smiles on camera.

today has been a hectic one. we are in the process of switching out our bedroom so sylvie can have her own room. i know it’s a little john and yoko to have a bed in the living room, but this is our best option at the moment. sylvie is going to bed earlier and earlier these days (her bedtime went from 11 to 9 in the span of a week), and neither travis nor i care to be confined to our bedroom at that hour. this way wiggle worm gets her own space and so do we. i think it’ll work out well! right now she’s asleep in her crib and we’re working on getting our bed put back together. wish us luck!


4 responses to “smiles.

  1. I would do the exact thing with the bedrooms! It’ll be so much easier for y’all, really. Love her smiles!

  2. I am seriously eating those dimples up with a giant spoon…

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