a pleasant sunday (in photos).

the new view from our bed, bright and early. i think daylight savings exists solely to screw with infants and new parents.

travis’ face at this early hour.

good morning, smiley!

she took a short morning nap after a walk in the cold with her daddy.

auggie took a nap, too.

we made the drive up to indianapolis for lunch at a delicious little french cafe.

i caught this curious little boy looking at sylvie, but he looked away before i could capture the moment.

we’re back home after a long, fun day.

today was the type of sunday that makes you wonder what exactly you’ve done to deserve such contentment. my sweet girl turns 3 months old tomorrow. i’m not sure why, but this small birthday seems like such a big deal to me. perhaps it’s because she’s one quarter of a year or because everyone says it gets markedly more fun once you pass the 3 month mark. whatever the reason, i am in awe of the passing of time once again. how can 3 months feel so brief and so long all at once?

**all of the above photos were taken with my iphone with the help of hipstamatic, tiltshift generator, instagram, and cameraone.


15 responses to “a pleasant sunday (in photos).

  1. Beautiful photos! I can’t believe Sylvie is almost 3 months old…Happy 3 months Sylvie! I’ll never forget when my daughter grew out of her 0-3 month clothes. She’s small for her age so she was about 4 or 5 months old when that happend.

    But when I had to bring out the clothes that were the next size up, there were plenty of tears from me. Even though she hadn’t been wearing them for that long, some of her clothes really held sentimental value. You are so right about the time change, it’s evil.

    • Thanks! Sylvie is so long that I’ve already had to pack/give away a bunch of her 0-3 month stuff. It’s a pity. It still fits her around, but not in length. My little string bean!

  2. I totally agree with you about day light savings time. Whoever invented it obviously did not have children.

    • It was good old Ben Franklin. He had an illegitimate son, so his mistress probably dealt with daylight savings alone. Poor girl.

  3. I think day light savings time messed me up more than Aydan 🙂 I was tired all day…which doesn’t really make sense since we gained an hour….
    Aydan is just 9 weeks (will be 10 tuesday) and already is wearing 3 month clothes….and I fear they won’t fit too much longer 😦 He’s such a big boy! and they grow too fast for my liking

  4. I long for these kinds of lazy Sundays! With both of my men at home with me, where they belong 🙂

  5. congrats on hitting the 3 month mark! it really is true what everyone says–the fun stuff is just beginning. i swear, every week that has gone by since natalie turned three months i have said, “THIS is the best part yet.” we’re just past 7 months, and i’m sticking to my guns–it is just continually getting better. enjoy!

  6. trust me, daylight savings time is going to continue to screw with sylvie as she gets older. my 3 year old, who typically sleeps until 8 am, has been getting up at 6:30.

  7. Beautiful photos- thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I miss you too!!!!!!

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