3 months.

my dear sylvie,

yesterday you turned 3 months old. i think that this month has been the best so far. you’ve begun to develop quite the personality! you smile often now, especially when your daddy or i lock eyes with you. i think you can really recognize us now. it is the best feeling in the world.

all of this engaging with the world around you has caused you quite a bit of trouble when it comes to napping. lately it is almost impossible to get you to nap because of how into everything you are. you would much rather look around, bat at things, and listen to us talk than sleep. you are awfully fussy and over-tired by the end of each day! that said, your night time sleep schedule has gotten much more predictable. you regularly “sleep through the night” (as in, 5 or more hours at a time). you go to bed around 8:30, sleep until 1:30 or 2, and go down again until 7 or so. one night last week you slept from 9:30-5 and again from 5:45-9! we really appreciate the extra rest, wiggle worm.

all of this extra sleep you’re getting makes for some super playful mornings. you are generally content to hang out in your play gym with your “friends” for an hour or so every morning. you love being on your back, but you fight tummy time with a vengeance. as soon as we lay you on your stomach, you start to cry. i think you don’t like it because you can’t look around freely. i hate to break it you, kiddo, but tummy time is important. keep trying!

this was also the month that you got your own room. your daddy and i sleep in the living room now. it’s not difficult to see who rules this roost! the arrangement has already made everyone’s lives easier. one thing we’ve learned about your sleep habits is that you need a dark, quiet place to snooze. sleeping in the living room, which has 4 large windows, just wasn’t cutting it.

we celebrated your 3 month birthday by having some friends and their 6 week old son over for dinner. you were a little fussy, but still smiley and sweet the whole evening. you fell asleep in our bed during a rousing game of apples to apples. we said goodbye to our company at 8 and put you in your crib.

we continued the celebration today with a trip to the park. you napped in your stroller the whole time, but your daddy and i had fun. we made a few loops around the park and snapped some pictures. it is a beautiful november day today. i’m afraid this will be one of our last warm days before winter settles in and takes up residence here. i will miss our time at the park. it was the first family outing we took together, and it has been a weekly tradition for the last 3 months. i can’t wait for winter to pass and spring to return. you’ll be such a fun age by then! this particular park has a great community pool. i think we’ll spend some time there next summer before we leave this little town.

these 3 months have come and gone. they have dragged endlessly and sped by quickly. everyday we watch you grow and change. i can’t wait to see what the next 3 months have in store for us. being your mother is just so much fun, baby girl. we love you without limit or condition. you have changed our lives for the better.

with all the love in my heart,


4 responses to “3 months.

  1. What a sweet post. She has such pretty eyes (and outfits, as usual!). I always think babies start to be more interactive and fun at 3+ months. 🙂
    So do you think you guys will look for a bigger apartment, or are you pretty comfortable where you are now?

    • Thanks, Jess! We’re going to stay put for now. We’re moving to Texas in the early summer (probably June) anyway. We’re going to look into renting a 2 bedroom bungalow house down there.

      I wouldn’t say we’re comfortable here, but to move now would be silly. WE can stick it out for 8 more months!

  2. Wow she really is a whole lot of cute.

    That waterslide looks like the best fun ever! I bet if Sylvie knew what it was she wouldn’t be able to wait till she is big enough to play.

    Good on you for taking one for the team and letting your little one have the nice room. Does she get disturbed if you are in the same place?

  3. Call me crazy, but I actually kind of like our new sleeping arrangements. She doesn’t get disturbed by being in the same place as us, but she does like a quiet, dark room. Once she finally goes down for a nap, she can do it pretty much anywhere from the car to our bed. There’s no way she would go down for the night, though, with us in the room.

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