oh no!

i was so preoccupied with trying to get darling lark up and running yesterday that i completely forgot about wardrobe wednesday! i guess it’s another thoroughly stylish thursday.

TST is a little different this week. instead of an outfit, i am choosing to show off sylvie’s halloween costume. i finally got some good pictures of her in it. as in, she’s not flailing and/or crying. these were taken at a pumpkin patch the day before halloween. enjoy my little penguin!

8 responses to “oh no!

  1. She is the cutest penguin mutant ninja turtle EVER!

  2. I {love} her costume. And it’s so much more special, since you made it just for her 🙂

  3. Haha those pictures are GREAT! That first one could win an award! And I honestly laughed out loud at the third one. HAHA!

    And by the way, Sylvia isn’t the only one that is thoroughly stylish- I LOVE your hair/glasses/lipstick!

    I miss you!

  4. I love that first picture! So cute!

  5. That is seriously *the* cutest Halloween costume I’ve seen. I LOVE the last picture. On my daughter’s first trip to the pumpkin patch, we took a picture of her in one of those cut outs. Thing is my hubby forgot to duck so you see his head sticking up at the very top. It looks like my daughter grew an extra head. 🙂

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