rainy saturday.

here are a few videos to brighten this rainy saturday!

sylvie LOVES sophie the giraffe. it is seriously the best $20 glorified dog toy ever.

we’re spending this rainy saturday evening hanging with our girl and making an easy dinner at home. i hope you all have a wonderful saturday! enjoy the weekend!


11 responses to “rainy saturday.

  1. What a beautiful girl. Can’t wait to see her next week!

  2. Bumbo in the bath!! Great idea why didn’t I think of that? Going to try this with my little one she’s 11 weeks this Monday.

  3. Cute! Rosemary loves her Sophie too. Especially the feet. In her mouth. And I totally think of it as a dog toy as well. Our dog goes nuts when it’s squeaked, and we have to keep it far out of the dog’s reach. It’s too temptingly delish.

  4. I love Sopie! Aydan does too of course. Tango….our dog does too! everytime it squeeks….he totally thinks it’s for him!

  5. Amazing- I can tell that she is just taking in the whole world with those beautiful eyes!
    You are such a cute mommy with Sophie the giraffe! Haha

  6. i totally had to rewind that little yawn about ten times, so cute. henry was all like, “meeehhhh” to sophie and i was all like, “seriously? she cost me $25 freaking dollars!” he plays with her sometimes but not as much as i had hoped!

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