bedtime story.

sylvie is finally at the age where she is totally digging books. we read books together all day long. her favorite is brown bear, brown bear, but i think it’s only because i do a bunch of different voices and make all the animal sounds when we read it. she also loves chicka chicka boom boom. i think the graphic illustrations really get and keep her attention.

we read her a book every night now as part of her bedtime routine. it is one of my favorite parts of every day.


12 responses to “bedtime story.

  1. So sweet.
    I can’t WAIT to read books to Elliot 🙂 I’ve been reading to my belly every day, haha!

  2. Brown Bear Brown Bear was Tessa’s favorite too!

  3. its totally off topic..but my GOSH! Travis sounds JUST LIKE his dad!

  4. Reading to Max is still one of my favorite parts of the day…
    he loves books & is starting to read words now. Very exciting!

  5. I was just thinking about you guys the other day and thought, “I bet they’ve had their baby by now,” and as it turns out, you had it over 3 months ago. So CONGRATULATIONS, albeit, 3 months late. She, and your family are beautiful.

    • Hey thanks, Taylor. Sylvie really enjoys the video for “Biblical Sense of the Word”. Just thought you might like to know you have one very tiny fan (and two bigger ones) in this house.

  6. those are henry’s two favorite books too! he also really likes “Moo, Baa, LA LA LA!”

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