the columbus zoo.

travis, sylvie and i are in ohio to celebrate the upcoming holiday with my in-laws. today was an unseasonably warm 65 degrees, so we spent the afternoon and evening at the zoo. (you may recall that the last time we tried to go to the zoo, my gallbladder intervened.) every year, around the holidays, the columbus zoo extends their hours until 9 at night and covers everything with christmas lights. sylvie slept for most of our visit, but woke just in time to see the trees light up. so pretty. i took over 60 pictures during the 3 hours we spent there. these are my (20+) favorites.


6 responses to “the columbus zoo.

  1. these are awesome! and the penguin in the first photo totally looks like he’s swirling around in a cloud of magical lights. i wish we had a zoo around here!

  2. What wonderful photos. That looks like a great zoo.
    I love that there is a kangaroo there. They just roam about everywhere over here.

  3. The animals are nice–and great pictures–but where is Sylvie?

  4. seriously, you’ve elevated zoo photos (yawwwwn, usually) to something extraordinary. happy thanksgiving!

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