in contrast to my last post, which was all about what has me down, i would like to take this opportunity to talk about what has me feeling thankful. i know thanksgiving has come and gone, but i believe that being thankful shouldn’t be a once per year thing.

first, i am thankful for this handsome guy:

EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. he is patient, sweet, caring, and knows exactly when and when not to indulge my crazy.

i am thankful that we did this:

and, subsequently, brought this little girl into the world:

she is our greatest accomplishment and is truly more than the sum of her parts.

today, and everyday, i am thankful for our families and friends, good food, a warm bed, and always having just enough to get by. i am thankful for music to lift up my spirits and people who make me laugh. i am thankful for the written word and the gravity it carries. i am thankful for the people who read this blog and have chosen to keep doing so through the good and despite the bad. i feel proud that this blog has caught and kept the attention of so many wonderful people, some of whom i am now blessed to call my friends. i am thankful for your support and kind words. i am thankful for the reader who emailed me early this morning and shared her postpartum depression story with me. her honesty and kindness inspired me today.

thank you.


5 responses to “thankful.

  1. Thank you for writing your blog.

  2. So many things to be thankful for!
    You have such a beautiful little family ❤
    and hey, what else is a blog for if not to be able to open up and pour your heart out to complete strangers? Who cares if they judge you or look down on you… they're just that: STRANGERS. Most of whom you will never meet!
    I can tell you blog for yourself, and that is awesome. That's what a blog was originally created for, I think.

  3. I am thankful for a wonderful wife who has tolerated my eccentricities for over 40 years and still loves me. I am thankful for 3 wonderful children, their spouses and their 5 (my grandchildren) children. My life is wonderful, not for the things I own but the things I have. I am especially thankful for the decision your mother and I made almost 26 years ago.

  4. I cannot adequately express my feelings for your love and bravery. I have always been proud of you, and you continue to show strength beyond your years. We are both blessed with husbands and child(ren) who love us and lift us up when we need it most. I am thankful everyday. Cannot wait to see you all and especially little Sylvie!

  5. I’m thankful we became (and have stayed) friends…I’m thankful for your support…you’ve shown it in more ways than you probably even realize.
    I’ve always known you’re exactly the kind of person I want in my (albeit small, but meaningful) circle of friends. We don’t speak often, we don’t have years of history, and we certainly don’t see each other nearly enough anymore…but, you’re one of my “besties” …for that, I am thankful 🙂

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