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happy new year!

we’re currently hanging out in aledo with some family friends. they have a zip line in their backyard. travis, his brother sam and i took turns.

sam hit the tree at the end, travis gracefully dismounted and i bit it…hard. enjoy!

still in texas.

we are currently staying outside of fort worth and having a wonderful time. i got my first pair of cowboy boots while miss sylvie is cutting her first teeth. my poor little girl has been a miserable lumpkin the last few evenings. thank goodness for hyland’s teething gel!

i hate to cut this so short, especially after such a dearth of updates, but it’s past my bedtime. i wish you all ( y’all) a safe and happy new year, full of peace, joy, and maybe a little bubbly! happy 2011 and goodnight!

p.s. check out them boots:

Merry Christmas!

one year ago.

december 22, 2009.

the day we found out about sylvie. our early christmas present. the above photo shows me in awe, still holding the positive test. i felt ill for the rest of the day. i had to leave halfway through my shift at the bookstore. i just could not concentrate.

i called my mother first.
“are you busy right now?”
“what would you think if i said i was pregnant?”

a moment of silence followed. i was just as surprised as you were, mom. surprised is an understatement. i full-on freaked out for 24 hours. i wondered how we could afford her. how could we make it all work? in a one bedroom apartment? on two small salaries? the answer was shockingly simple: we would make it work because there is no other option then to do so. once i drilled that into my brain, i was able to concentrate on names, cribs, and colors.

i fell in love with her quickly and completely. love is an understatement. in the year since that day she has occupied my every thought, breath, waking moment, and dream. she was the missing piece in the puzzle of our lives. we just didn’t know it until that day. she is the love of my life and the funniest person i know. she is sylvie. my daughter. my sweet baby girl.

texas y’all.

these are two of my favorites from the past week. she’s a big ball of personality while awake, but still my squishy baby when sleeping.

we’re packing up for our big holiday trip down to texas! i’m beyond excited to spend sylvie’s first chirstmas surrounded by both sides of our families. i hope houston, dallas, and austin are ready for us. stay tuned for updates from the lone star state!

the windy city.

last weekend we ventured north to chicago for my cousin’s wedding. i finally got around to uploading the pictures.

the snowy view from our hotel room:

sylvie got all dolled up for the rehearsal dinner:

we got all dolled up for the wedding (which was adults only):

the wedding was in the beautiful blackstone hotel ballroom:

the beautiful bride:

if you’ve never been to a traditional jewish wedding, here is a slice of the fun you’re missing!:

that’s my aunt and uncle up in those chairs, holding on for dear life. travis and i opted not to do the chair thing at our wedding, and i am seriously regretting that decision after watching this. i did do it at my bat mitzvah and can honestly say it is equal parts super fun and super terrifying.

we were supposed to head back home the day after the wedding, but everyone got snowed in! it was fun to spend another lazy day with family. we finally got to drive home on monday. on the way home we stopped at the triple xxx diner in lafayette, indiana for lunch. apparently, this place was featured on diners, drive-ins, and dives. it’s not my favorite food network show, but my burger was good!

travis and sylvie hamming it up at the triple xxx diner:

my first trip to chicago was so much fun! i hope we get a chance to visit again before we leave the midwest.

oh baby, you got what i need.

travis will do almost anything to make sylvie laugh, including his best biz markie impression. enjoy. (i know i did!)