there’s an app for that.

tonight is the first night of chanukah. travis looked and looked, but couldn’t find our menorah. no worries.

thank you, free menorah app! sylvie’s first night of her first chanukah went off without a hitch. we “lit” the menorah, said the prayers, and ate delicious butternut squash soup.

we’re having latkes with all the fixings next week, once our cleanse is done.

today was a good day. simple as that. sylvie and i hung out this morning while travis painted. we watched muppet videos, sang songs, and read a few books. travis watched her this evening while i got my hair trimmed and ran a few errands (like buying candles for the menorah we couldn’t find). we’re getting ready for a lazy night in. i’m going to work on illustration stuff while we watch modern family. winter hit southern indiana today and i don’t want to go anywhere! it snowed last night and was FREEZING all day. i can’t wait to move to texas this summer, which i don’t think i’ve mentioned here yet. WE’RE MOVING TO TEXAS THIS SUMMER! i’m so excited to raise sylvie around some family. my brother and his family live down there, as do a busload of travis’ aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. we’re already counting down the days until june!

stay warm and have a pleasant wednesday!


7 responses to “there’s an app for that.

  1. We are all excited y’all are coming to Texas too!

  2. Can I just say “Like”!

  3. You’re moving to Texas! Awesome! Who knows, we may end up in the same state someday. There are a couple army posts that soldiers with Aaron’s job are frequently sent to. We lived in Arizona for a year and trust me you will LOVE THE WEATHER!
    Glad your chanukah began as planned- even without a material menorah. She’ll never know the difference. 😉

  4. Your food pics & recipes are totally inspiring me this week!
    As much as the cold weather sucks, isn’t cuddling with the family and eating warm soups and having an excuse not to leave the house kind of awesome?

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