4 months.

my dearest sylvie,

today you are 4 months old. do you know what happened this month? you became miss personality. YOU ARE SO MUCH FUN. all of a sudden, a switch flipped and you are now the happiest baby. you smile, babble, and giggle all day long. your fussy times have become predictable, and much easier to work through. you’ve stopped fighting sleep as much. in fact, you are sleeping well again. you slept 8+ hours in a stretch 4 nights in a row this week! thank you so much for allowing us all to get some rest. we are all–you included–happier for it.

you hit a few big milestones this past month, as well. you can roll over from front to back and are getting so close to rolling back to front. today, for the first time ever, you tried to sit up on your own. i was so proud of you! you now have enough coordination to lunge for something, grab it, and stick it straight in your mouth. color me impressed, baby girl.

you are the funniest person i know. really. the things you do and the noises you make have me laughing all day long. so far you have great comedic timing! you are talking up a storm. we have small conversations throughout the day, and it is great fun. i love chatting with you and hearing you babble and giggle back. it’s so rewarding to watch you flourish in this way.

we celebrated your first chanukah this month. it made me so happy to watch you stare at the candles and listen to the prayers. i can’t wait for you to try latkes next year! they are so yummy. i promise you will LOVE them!

this month was not without its rough spots. you got your first high fever (101.5 degrees) and went through a couple of weeks without sleeping more than an hour or two at a time. your daddy and i got you through those moments the best we could. speaking of daddy, you are totally his girl. you adore your father and it warms my heart. sometimes you get very upset when you can hear him, but can’t see him. if he speaks to me from another room, you will crane your head around to look for him. when you can’t find him, you get very upset and often cry. i’m a daddy’s girl, too. i totally get it. fathers are a wonderful thing and you have one of the best there is.

i can’t believe 4 months has already come and gone. we can’t wait to see what month 5 has in store for us! you will visit two new places (chicago and texas) and meet a lot of family members for the first time. you will have your first christmas and new year. i’m so excited for your first christmas morning, which will be spent surrounded by family. you are so loved, baby girl. i hope you know that everyday for the rest of your life. you are my light.

with all the love in my heart,


3 responses to “4 months.

  1. Oh gosh. You can’t go posting letters like this when overly-emotional pregnant women are bound to read them. I think my eyes are watering a little!
    and…. HOLY COW! {FOUR} months?! I know I’ve said this before, but I remember when I first found your blog and you were juuuuuuust starting to show. And now… here you are. With a four-month-old.
    Gosh. Let’s stop time for a bit, mkay?

    • Sorry! I remember those emotional last few weeks well. Just think, in less than a week you will get to write your own sappy love letters to your baby. I can’t wait for Elliot to arrive!

  2. This is such a wonderful post to read! I can feel the warmth of your family’s love all the way over here in chilly Vermont!!!

    Save travels in the near future!

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