the best things in life are free cost $48.99.

travis and i have said time and time again that the best baby item we have is the play gym. sylvie loves that thing, which is evidenced by the gazillion pictures we have of her in it. seriously. half of the pictures taken of her after 8 weeks include the play gym. i would say it is the best investment we’ve ever made, except that we didn’t buy it. we registered for it and received it at our baby shower.

thank you, play gym. even though you are a tremendous eyesore, you will always have a place with us. you are the only reason i get a halfway decent breakfast in the morning, and for that you are worth your weight in gold.

3 responses to “the best things in life are free cost $48.99.

  1. lol at the eyesore.
    Ikea has a nice looking wooden one.
    I look after a baby who has just started rolling onto her tummy. The play gym doesn’t work so well anymore as she tends to get a bit tangled up in it.

    • Sylvie is getting so close to rolling onto her tummy. I wonder when she’ll stop loving this thing. She’s been all about it for over 2 months.

  2. She looks so enthralled.
    I’d take a big, clunky playgym over a crying {or needy} babe any day! 🙂

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