last week, on her 4 month birthday, sylvie learned how to mimic us. i blew a raspberry at and her and she blew it back. at first i thought it was a fluke, so i did it again. to my surprise, she blew one back! we went back and forth this way for a good 20 minutes. she’s done it again everyday since. i finally managed to catch it on video over the weekend.

i think this is my favorite developmental milestone so far. every once in a while she will mimic an actual sound, but she always nails the raspberry! i love it. i love her.


7 responses to “mimic.

  1. That’s so awesome! She’s obviously a genius. 🙂

  2. So fun! After 4 months they get more fun every day! Enjoy every minute of it! Can’t wait to see y’all in 2 weeks!

  3. so sweet! there is nothing cuter than a baby really playing back-and-forth. it’s funny how much those little moments can completel MAKE your day–just yesterday we discovered that our natalie will jingle a bell to imitate us jingling one. it seriously took up over 15 minutes of time, and i was convinced it was The Coolest Thing That Had Ever Happened.

  4. That is so exciting! Such a huge step!

    By the way the video is adorable- it is so neat to be able to see her!!!!

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