one month red lipstick challenge.

a few years ago i stumbled across an article on red lipstick in one of those mainstream fashion magazines. elle, i think. at the end of the article was a challenge to wear red lipstick everyday for 3 weeks. supposedly, wearing a bold shade of red on one’s lips can help to boost both confidence and mood. i certainly could use a mood boost in the middle of this grey, dreary midwest winter. i’m taking the challenge, but am upping it to a month. i love red lips, and often turn to them for special events. i’ve never worn them as an everyday make-up staple. today was day one.

it’s kind of amazing how such a small (and admittedly superficial) change informed how i carried myself and what i chose to wear. it got me thinking about my day to day wardrobe. i’m very much a t-shirt, jeans and flats kind of girl. i very rarely wear skirts or dresses. it’s even more rare to catch me in a pair of high heels. it gets boring. i’ve decided to up the ante on the red lips challenge by putting more thought into what i wear for the duration of it. just because all i did today was cook dinner doesn’t mean i can’t look (and feel) great doing it.

travis got me these amazing suede pants for a surprise christmas present. i love them, but worried i would never have an occasion to don them. sometimes you just have to create your own occasion! i think that being a stay at home mama can give even the most fashionable lady a case of the style ruts. i don’t know whether or not dressing nicely and wearing red lipstick will change my overall well-being, but i can attest that i did feel good about myself.

i love reading new blogs and discovering where my readers write down their thoughts. if you’re so inclined, post a comment linking to a picture of you in a favorite outfit! or do the red lips challenge with me!


9 responses to “one month red lipstick challenge.

  1. What a fun idea! you pull off the red lippy so well! I don’t think I have ever worn it.

    I love your idea of getting all dressed up for fun even though you might have just stayed in all day. Its always fun playing dressups.

    • My husband and I never go anywhere except the grocery store, so I have to event occasions to dress up! Thank you for the compliment. Try the red lip sometime! I swear you’ll like it.

  2. sara, check out
    i think you’ll dig this blog.
    miss you!!!!!!

    where can i find an awkward length skirt? h&m?
    wait, at 5’2″, they’re all usually awkward length.

    • Hey Kimbo!
      I do like that blog! A lot. I found my awkward length skirts at Plato’s Closet and the clearance rack at Urban Outfitters.

      P.S. I’ll be in PA February 4-12th!

  3. You look like such a fashionista! I have never once in my life tried on red lipstick. I’m not sure how it would look on me….we should hang out so I can borrow yours!!!

    I miss you!

  4. I am loving the red lips! I am doing the challenge as soon as I get my “mommy gray butt” (that is what I call myself in pj’s and being dull) to the store and find a red that will not be heinous.

    • So glad you’re joining me! A few non-heinous reds i use are Napoleon Perdis for Target lipstick in “Madrid”, Loreal lipstick in “Target Red” (only available at Target), and Makeup Forever lipstick #45. Good luck on the hunt for the perfect red!

  5. go you! you look fantastic. but i don’t think i’m ready for red. and i don’t think ben’s ready for me in red! 🙂 ha. someday maybe.
    and i can’t believe how big Sylvie is! i’m so excited for starting real food, i think it would be so much fun.

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