sylvie sits!

sylvie can sit up unassisted for short spurts of time. just before i took the following video, she sat on our bed for almost a full minute!

this amazes me because just the day before she couldn’t sit up for longer than a second or two at a time. it’s incredible how fast she learns and adapts. we started spoon feeding her brown rice cereal just a few days ago, and she’s already so much better at it. i must say, a face full of rice cereal makes for some awfully cute pictures.

i can’t believe my little bean will be 5 months old tomorrow, but more on that in my next post!

here’s a picture of day two of the red lips challenge. i wore them to go to goodwill, target, and barnes and noble. then i cooked some dinner.

this is a small town and my bright lips got me quite a few strange looks. oh well. i love them and that’s all that matters! i hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


5 responses to “sylvie sits!

  1. what big changes for sylvie!! i will be so interested to read how sitting up changes things in her little world–that was the point when natalie started to develop a much bigger personality, i think it really changed her outlook on life!

    and, btw, love the red lipstick!

    • Thanks! She LOVES sitting up. I can’t wait until she gets really good at it! I think you’re right about it allowing her personality to develop more.

  2. i love when she falls over! so cute. i’m sure by next week she’ll be a pro. it’s amazing how quickly they master things.
    p.s. my neighbor rocks orange lipstick, so you’re in good attention getting company 🙂

    • She’s already getting so much better at it! She can sit up for a while on the floor, but the bed’s a bit tougher!

  3. LOVE those lips. You look so chic.

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