5 months.

my dear sylvie,

yesterday we celebrated 5 months together as a family of three. it was our busiest month so far! we spent much of it in our future home of houston, texas. you met your cousins, tessa and sam for the first time. they were quite taken by you! they spent much of the time bickering over who got to hold you, sit by you, and cuddle you.

we celebrated your first christmas and new year. you even helped to open your presents on christmas morning! you are getting more coordinated everyday.

you are very lucky girl! we got to spent the holidays with both my family and your daddy’s. you were spoiled rotten and loved on by everyone around you for two straight weeks! i’m so happy that we got to experience this day with everyone we love.

this month you have hit three huge developmental milestones. first of all, you have started to cut some teeth. this makes you a little cranky sometimes, but so far you are taking it in stride. you love your wooden teether and your vibrating teether best of all.

the second big milestone is that you can now sit up unassisted for short periods of time. i can’t wait until you’re capable of doing this long enough to play! it is so fun to watch you take in the world around you from this new perspective.

this new found coordination led to your third big milestone of the month–spoon feeding! you now eat one meal of brown rice cereal a day. we’ve only been doing this for about a week, and you’re already so much better at it! i used to have to force the spoon into your closed mouth. now you lean forward and open your mouth when you see food coming your way. we’ve also given you a few bits off of our plates. you love had mashed potatoes! i’m so excited for this next chapter in your development. food is a big deal in our home, and we hope you are an adventurous eater. i ordered a few books on the subject, as well as a baby food cookbook. our plan is to introduce vegetable purees after another week or so of plain rice cereal. i hope you like peas!

you have become the master of tummy time this month. you used to hate tummy time with a passion, but now you tolerate it just fine. i think you like it more because you’re finally getting strong enough to look around. you still prefer being on your back or sitting up, though.

you are growing and changing so quickly, baby girl! we measured and weighed you on christmas eve. you weighed 13.5 pounds and were a hair over 25 inches long. you weighed 6 pounds 5 ounces and measured 19 inches at birth. that’s a gain of over 7 pounds and 6 inches in less than 5 months! holy smokes! you have a pediatrician appointment coming up on january 17th. i can’t wait to see what your measurements are then!

every single day is an adventure with you as we fumble through our first time as parents. sometimes it feels overwhelming, but most of the time it is just plain FUN. you are getting happier, funnier, and more smiley with every minute. i can’t wait to see what month 6 has in store for our little family! we love you so much, boo bear.


10 responses to “5 months.

  1. she looks like you in that last pic…

  2. Awe- its so great to have cousins!!! That is wonderful that you are excited about moving your family to Houston, it sounds like a great step for ya’ll (haha, I had to).

    I’m so so so thrilled to see that Sylvie loves her teether!! Yay!

    She is such a gorgeous baby. Its so fun to watch her grow, even if its from afar.
    All my love!!!!

  3. She is beautiful. Really. You don’t see many girl-babes these days that you can TELL are girls. She just has this wonderful, feminine face. I love it!
    Happy five months. 🙂

  4. awww, happy five months little sylvie! these pictures are all so cute, she’s growing up so fast! i’m loving her little cardigan…too cute!

    • Thanks, Allie. By the way, the video your sisters made of Henry totally had me tearing up. So sweet. I can’t believe how big he’s getting!

  5. So glad to finally meet Sylvie and you too!! I wish we’d gotten a pic of all the GGs together on NYD! We’ll have to remember that next year! Happy 5 months, Sylvie!

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