blog anniversary.

january 9th was my one year blogging anniversary. it’s been a pretty incredible year as i’ve watched this blog grow from a handful of page views per day to hundreds. it’s humbling, to say to the least, to know that people i’ve never met care about what i write. 279 posts into this journey, and i feel like i have learned so much. i’ve learned that real, true friends can be made online. i may never meet any of these people, but they have helped to shape who i am as a person and a mother. i’ve learned to take the bad with the good. with this wonderful community inevitably comes a few haters. speaking of which, i’ve learned that it’s perfectly acceptable to block cruel comments. this is my space, and i have the right to censor it.

i’ve learned that this community can also be a detrimental thing. there are thousands of other mothers to compare myself with and thousands of other babies to compare sylvie to. there are mothers who appear perfect, but we all know how easy it is to post only about the good times. there are mothers who have berated me for my decision to stop breast feeding my daughter, which was the best call for her. she is a happy, healthy, giggly, thriving 5 month old. i’ve learned to ignore (pardon my french here) the bitches. those girls who insist on being self-righteous and hurtful. you may have nursed your child into toddlerhood, but are you really setting a good example for little susie by cutting me down?

i’ve learned that i LOVE blogging more than i thought i would. i’ve learned that writing everyday is good for me. it’s fun, cathartic, and it gives my mind some exercise. i think writing, like anything else, takes practice. i’ve enjoyed having an audience of willing readers to practice in front of.

i’ve learned that my readers are incredibly kind people. thank you for making 2010 such a fantastic year for me and this little blog. thank you for stopping by to read what i have to say. thank you for commenting and for offering support in those times that i needed it. thank you for being family, friends, and strangers. your overwhelming kindness inspires me to be a better blogger, friend, wife, and mother. 2010 was the year my life changed forever. i think 2011 has the potential to be even better. thank you.

i think the best way to end this post is with the reason why i started this blog in the first place.


11 responses to “blog anniversary.

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your reflections on blogging. I have LOVED following your family through your pregnancy, the birth of Sylvie, and now watching her grow. Keep on bloggin, lady. You are awesome.

  2. happy anniversary…
    I was excited when you started your blog. Even though we are friends in “real life” , I love being to peek into your world as a mom & a newlywed (yes you are), I love checking in on Sylvie & your daily adventures…even seeing what you guys eat or having a glimpse of you in your mustard cardigan (now I sound stalkerish)…it’s a way to stay connected, now that you are far away (and I’m afraid of phone calls).
    I started blogging because it was a convenient way to collect my thoughts & pictures. It’s fun to reference things that happened a few years ago, things I’d otherwise forget.
    keep it up!!

  3. Congratulations on your anniversary! I love your blog and hope you keep it up. Thank you for sharing your life. Little Sylvie is so cute!!!

  4. I agree with Kim (is that Kimbo?). Even tho’ we talk all the time and see each other alot (but never enough), your blog keeps us connected. I love it! xoxo

  5. I just can’t imagine the heart behind comments that would be cruel to you. You have been so honest in your ups and downs as a new mom and I, for one, have appreciated every word and every picture. Thank you for blogging and THANK YOU for that video. Absolutely fabulous.

    • Thank you. Comments likes this mean a great deal to me. I try to be very honest and not glaze over the bad days. Thank you for reading!

  6. I love your blog and have enjoyed following you on this journey! I will never understand the people that go out of their way to put others down and be so cruel. Why do they have such strong opinions on the decisions you make for your family. If they don’t like what you do….why do they continue to come back, read your blog and leave hate mail? Can’t stand it!

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