first foods.

tonight sylvie had her first vegetable puree–peas with garlic and sweet curry. she has been eating brown rice cereal once a day for the past two weeks. we added sweet curry powder to the brown rice cereal about a week ago. she LOVED it. we decided it was time to give something green a try. of course, we documented the occasion.

once she got over the surprise of a new taste and texture she hungrily dove toward the spoon, mouth wide open. her positive reaction makes me so happy. we are attempting to raise an adventurous eater. i think the keys to this will be introducing bold flavors early and serving her what we eat. my plan from here on out is to feed her a pureed version of whatever we’re having for dinner. we know she has slight allergy issues with dairy, but other than that nothing is off limits. everyone’s having pot roast tomorrow!

if there are other moms (or dads) out there attempting the same, i highly recommend you read hungry monkey: a food-loving father’s quest to raise an adventurous eater by matthew amster-burton. i’m only 35 pages in and this book has already blown my mind in the best possible way. not only is the writing witty and insightful, it is also practical and includes dozen of recipes. i’m waiting on another book called my two-year-old eats octopus: developing children’s palates so they’ll love to eat everything by nancy tringali piho. i’ll revue it once it gets here. hurry up amazon!

they way i figure it babies grow up all over the world on the foods of their culture from the get go. babies in japan, zimbabwe, and argentina probably don’t eat strained sweet potato for six straight months. they happily eat what is available. i hope the same for my child.

8 responses to “first foods.

  1. Good for you Sylvie! Evangeline likes peas too! 🙂 We have the book Feeding Baby Green and really like it. E liked this Caul Me a Pear – 1 head cauliflower, 3 pears, 1/4 t cinnamon, 1/4 t turmeric, 1 c cooking water. She loved this puree! And another one called Sweetie Pie that was sweet potato, apples, and cinnamon.

    I know the babies in China aren’t eating strained sweet potatoes! 🙂

    • Mmmm! Those recipes sound really good! I’ll have to check that book out. I also got the Baby Love cookbook. I’m excited to try some things from it!

  2. That’s so funny, I read Hungry Monkey about three months ago and thought about recommending it to you. I loved that book. I too am trying to feed Patrick a large variety of foods and using spices and herbs. Patrick goes through phases where he will eat it all and love it, then refuse to eat it. He ate green veggies, then he didn’t, then he did again, now he is back to not eating them, and as he gets older he is starting to refuse things he always ate before. I understand that is pretty typical though. I also read a book called Eating for Beginners, by a writer that found a “slow food” restaurant that allowed her to research for the book by working the line. She also learns how the food makes it to the restaurant from the local providers. It is all centered around her frustration that her toddler son is an extremely picky eater.

  3. Thanks so much for reminding me of the Hungry Monkey book! I remember seeing it at the book store when I was pregnant, but then I forgot the title and author. I’ve spent a lot of time on the amazon website looking for it, but couldn’t!

  4. Dragon Fart…Hahahahahahahaa!!!!! Love it!

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