the first night of sharing our food with sylvie was a success! as i said in the last post, we had pot roast for dinner tonight. i took some of the carrots, red potatoes, and turnips out of the cooking liquid and pureed them with some vegetable broth and water. she LOVED it. oh my goodness, i could barely get the spoon away from her! after she ate all of it, she lifted her bib to her mouth and licked the rest up. hilarious!

the first thing i learned from feeding sylvie solids is that she does NOT like bland food. when we started plain brown rice cereal she would barely finish a teaspoon of the stuff. so i tried a little experiment. i added a pinch of sweet curry powder to the mixture. she gobbled up almost 2 tablespoons of it right away. it was amazing to the see the difference a little flavor could make. from then on i was sold. the vegetables she had tonight were simmered for 3 hours in wine and broth with various herbs and spices. i’m hoping to work up to the point where i can just puree her food using the cooking liquid. i’m sticking with organic, sodium-free vegetable broth until she gets little older.

so far my sweet girl has been a great little eater. i hope it stays that way through toddlerhood and beyond!


One response to “yum!

  1. How amazing! Trust me, it’s MUCH better to have a child who prefers spicy/flavorful to bland. Picky eaters are NO FUN.
    My mom used to puree portions of our meals all the time for my little brother when he started eating solids. He loved them. And best of all- no preservatives and artificial food colorings. And what a great way to eat as a family 🙂

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